Where is Britain’s China strategy? | The Spectator

May 20, 2020   |   Referencing article published by spectator.co.uk
The UK doesn’t have a China strategy. We have not had one since George Osborne declared a ‘golden era’ of Sino-British relations on a trip to Beijing in 2015. In hindsight, Osborne’s ‘era’ looks more like an ‘error’. Yet, Covid-19 makes clear that the UK needs to adopt one. The death and destruction…
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Chip shortage and Covid weigh on China’s smartphone market even as it bounced back from pandemic lows

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Winter Olympics: Athletes advised to use burner phones in Beijing

A mandatory Covid monitoring app to be used by all Games attendees has security risks, analysts warn. Read more on bbc.co.uk

Slovenia to bolster trade ties with Taiwan, wading into row with China

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How Laila Adilzhan, a Kazakh Critic of China, Became an Asylum Seeker in the Netherlands

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Concerns grow for Australian writer tortured and isolated in Chinese jail

Concerns are growing over the health condition of Chinese-Australian writer Yang Hengjun, who was detained in China three years ago on charges of espionage by the Chinese Communist Party in a closed-door trial, as is common under the totalitarian regime. Read more on thebl.com

In 2022, Expect China’s Economy to Worsen Further – Vision Times

A major factor–among many others–is China Evergrande’s debt crisis and mounting debt problems for the real estate sector on the whole. Read more on visiontimes.com

Human Rights Watch’s ‘World Report 2022’ Slams China’s Human Rights Record – Vision Times

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In China, Employees Who Allegedly Breach COVID-19 Rules Get Jail – Vision Times

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India Wants Both Russia and the US as Allies Against China

Russia is an unreliable, autocratic, and pro-China country. Yet India, the world’s biggest democracy, is aligned with the East European country due to a historical relationship and an Indian desire to maintain both Russian and American friends for any potential fight against China. Read more on theepochtimes.com

Beijing city boss tells officials to beware of objects spreading Covid

China remains committed to the theory that food and mail can spread the virus, despite widespread scepticism in other parts of the world. Read more on scmp.com

Hong Kong democracy activist Edward Leung released from prison

Hong Kong activist Edward Leung, 30, who first used one of the most popular protest chants of the 2019 pro-democracy demonstrations and the first slogan to be declared illegal under a national security law, was released from prison on Wednesday. Read more on reuters.com

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