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Hong Kong Authorizes China-Made COVID-19 Jabs for Children Aged 3–17

Hong Kong has lowered the age limit for China’s Sinovac vaccine from 18 to 3 years old, as the regime in Beijing pursues a zero-COVID-19 policy and a broader vaccination campaign. Read more on

China has given 76.3% of population complete COVID-19 vaccine doses

China had given 76.3% of its population complete COVID-19 vaccine doses by Nov. 19, Wu Liangyou, an official at the National Health Commission (NHC) said on Saturday. Read more on

China to Mix COVID-19 Vaccines Amidst New Outbreaks – Vision Times

China to Mix COVID-19 Vaccines Amidst New Outbreaks The Chinese government has announced that it will be mixing COVID-19 vaccines while inoculating citizens during the upcoming booster shot vaccination campaign. Read more on

Cyber attacks on the UK hit new record – with COVID vaccine research prime target

A review by the National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ, found that a number of the incidents were linked to hostile states, including Russia and China. Read more on

China to Vaccinate Children as Young as 3 Years Old

The country will soon start vaccinating children as young as three years old, as the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus continues spreading in China—despite over 70 percent of the population having been inoculated. Read more on

China mandates COVID vaccinations for children as young as 3

In June, the country approved two vaccines, from Sinopharm and Sinovac, for children ages 3 to 17, but has only been vaccinating those 12 and older. Read more on

Covid-19 vaccines: Has China made more than other countries combined?

China says it’s provided more than half of all vaccines administered around the world so far. Read more on

China: Enforced vaccination to cover up the country’s real population of just under 900 million?

China’s national policy does not mandate COVID-19 vaccination. However, local governments do force people to get vaccinated. In addition, citizens are rewarded to the tune of 500 yuan (about $77) to several thousand yuan if they cause a person to be vaccinated. Civil Rights & Livelihood Watch interviewed several people working within the Chinese regime and obtained some reliable information. Read more on

China’s Zero Post-Vaccine Deaths Raises Questions

China has administered over 2 billion CCP virus vaccine shots, the most of any country so far. Read more on

Chinese Authorities Reportedly Concealing Possible Deaths From China’s COVID-19 Vaccines – Vision Times

Local authorities are reportedly silencing several families in China’s southwestern city of Chongqing after they spoke out about the recent deaths of loved ones with family members claiming the deaths are linked to adverse reactions caused by China’s domestically produced COVID-19 vaccines, The Epoch Times reported. Read more on

Customs Nabs Fake Vaccine Cards From China

Customs officers in Pittsburgh have seized two shipments of fake COVID-19 vaccination cards from China. Read more on

Covid-19: Hong Kong lawmaker Regina Ip gets BioNTech jab after no antibodies detected from Sinovac vaccines

Regina Ip says she’s become a “guinea pig” for a vaccine booster programme. Read more on

Providence licenses mRNA technology to China’s Everest in $100-million deal

Calgary-based Providence Therapeutics struck a $100-million deal with China’s Everest Medicines Ltd. Monday that will see its technology licensed to the Shanghai-based firm to make and sell its mRNA vaccine candidates in emerging markets in Asia including China and Pakistan. Read more on

11-Year-Old Vaccinated in China Without Parents’ Knowledge or Consent

A Chinese father is furious that his 11-year-old son was forcibly vaccinated against COVID-19 without his knowledge, only learning roughly three weeks later that it had happened. Read more on

WSJ News Exclusive | Brazil Moves Away from Chinese Covid-19 Vaccine

Brazil’s federal government has halted negotiations over additional doses of Sinovac’s vaccine and has said it won’t recommend use of CoronaVac for a third booster shot. Read more on