This week

Uyghurs tortured and beaten to death in re-education camps in Xinjiang, former Chinese police officer reveals

A Chinese whistleblower exposes the brutal tactics used by police and guards at re-education centres in Xinjiang, saying “it’s normal that some people die”. Read more on

Last week

China’s Communist Party Formally Embraces Assimilationist Approach to Ethnic Minorities

After experiments in remote regions, the Communist Party has moved to make cultural assimilation the central tenet of its policy for managing minority populations nationwide. Read more on

Remote-control maker is first U.S. company involved in Uyghur worker transfer program

UEI has employed Uyghur workers at its Qinzhou, China plant since at least 2019 and sells its software and equipment to Sony, Samsung, LG and Microsoft. Read more on

Uyghur Family Fortunes Mysteriously Reappear for Auction

Millions of dollars of assets, mysteriously vanished together with the Uyghurs who owned them, have just as mysteriously reappeared on China’s equivalent of eBay. Read more on

I tortured Uighurs, admits Chinese whistleblower

A former Chinese detective turned whistleblower has spoken about his involvement in the abuse of Uighur Muslims detained in Beijing’s sprawling internment camp Read more on

Chinese detective in exile reveals torture inflicted on Uyghurs

A Chinese policeman turned whistleblower has revealed rare details on what he described as a systematic campaign of torture against ethnic Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region’s detention camps — claims China has denied for years. Read more on

This month

Paris demonstrators demand EU ban products linked to Uighur slave labour

Demonstrators gathered in Paris on Saturday to demand an EU ban on products linked to the use of forced labour of Uighur minorities in China’s Xinjiang province. Read more on

Overseas Uyghurs struggle to locate relatives in Xinjiang prisons

When Ziba Murat last saw her mother, retired Uyghur doctor Gulshan Abbas, at Ronald Reagan Washington National airport in 2016, she begged her not to return to Xinjiang, where reports were emerging about the detention of ethnic minorities. Read more on

Xinjiang: Relatives of Refugees Who Speak Abroad Manipulated, Jailed, Tortured

Those who managed to escape tell the truth about the horror of the camps. The CCP compels their relatives to denounce them, those who don’t end up in jail. Read more on

Now We Know: Xinjiang, Xi Jinping Is Responsible

Adrian Zenz addressing the Uyghur Tribunal on genocide with his landmark evidence of “intent” regarding the atrocities in Xinjiang. Read more on

China accuses Washington of ‘low political tricks’ over Uyghur exhibit

A U.S.-backed Uyghur photo exhibit of dozens of people who are missing or alleged to be held in camps in Xinjiang, China, opened in Switzerland on Thursday, prompting Beijing to issue a furious statement accusing Washington of “low political tricks”. Read more on

Xinjiang: A Terror Such as the World Has Never Seen

Nowhere in the world and in history has technology ever been used to create such a perfect totalitarian system of surveillance and repression. Read more on

Rape, Forced Prostitution of Uyghur and Kazakh Women

Survivors believe this is a deliberate strategy to humiliate both female and male Muslims in Xinjiang. Read more on

Javid war of words with China after ambassador banned from Parliament

Sajid Javid insisted he could ‘see why’ Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle and his counterpart in the upper chamber, Lord McFall, had told Zheng Zeguang he cannot enter the estate. Read more on

UN to report on Xinjiang human rights despite lack of access by China

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said her office was compiling its own report into the alleged rights abuses against Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Read more on