Threat of China a major talking point at PM’s meeting with British officials

Australia will this week host high-level ministerial talks with key British officials focused on military collaboration and achieving the goals set down under the AUKUS agreement. Read more on

This week

The waning efficacy of China’s vaccines presents a ‘smart power’ opportunity for the West – British Foreign Policy Group

Research and Events Intern, Sam Brown analyses vaccine diplomacy, the impact of the COVAX scheme and the efficacy of the Sinovac vaccine. Read more on

Priti Patel tells MPs to be on their guard against foreign agents

The Home Secretary said the threat of interference in UK politics from hostile powers is ‘growing and diversifying’. Read more on

Congress Distributes ‘Made in China’ Masks

A Chinese spy and a British premier minister were seen together at whispering distance. Photos are now driving backlash over just how much the Chinese Communist Party’s influence is cozying up to the West. Read more on

Sanctioned Chinese firms have pocketed thosuands in furlough cash

Controversial firms blacklisted by the US over fears they contributed to the repression of Uighur Muslims took money from the UK Government to pay their staff’s wages during the national lockdown. Read more on

Probe into if Barry Gardiner exploited his position to lobby for China

The review comes after MI5 last week alerted UK Parliament that solicitor Christine Lee has been operating as an agent of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to infiltrate British politics. Read more on

A new era of spying has caught us napping

Why would China want to spy on an obscure Labour politician? That is one of many questions arising from the news this week that MI5 has warned MPs and peers about their dealings with the ubiquitous and generous Christine Lee. t Read more on

UK needs to be more brutal with China’s ‘disgusting’ regime, says Duncan Smith

Sir Iain Duncan Smith said too many governments seem ‘too cautious’ about calling China’s communist government out. Read more on

Chinese find ‘useful idiot’ in Sturgeon as espionage row rages

NICOLA Sturgeon has been described as a “useful idiot” after the Westminster spy row raised fresh questions over her links to Beijing. Read more on

Last week

Iain Duncan Smith gives stark warning over China

Former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith (pictured) has said the targeting of MPs by suspected Chinese agent Christine Lee was ‘just the tip of the iceberg’. Read more on

Wife of detained Richard O’Halloran wants Coveney to travel to China

Tara O’Halloran calls for urgent Government action to seek release of her husband Read more on

Chinese Spy Operating in UK Parliament Is ‘Tip of the Iceberg’: Senior Conservative

Recent revelations of a Chinese Communist spy operating in the British Parliament is “just the tip of the iceberg,” a senior Conservative MP has said. Read more on

Shut the gates of parliament to foreign agents of mischief

AMER GHAZZAL/SHUTTERSTOCK/REXLabour MP Barry Gardiner received hundreds of thousands of pounds from an alleged agent of China’s communist governmentMI5, the sec Read more on

China able to access key UK political figures through £500k taxpayer-funded body

TOP figures in China’s Communist Party have access to key UK political figures through a £500,000 taxpayer-funded quango, it has emerged. Ministers are now facing demands to scrap the Foreign Offic… Read more on

Expats eye escape from Hong Kong as China’s Covid restrictions bite

The next time you feel like complaining about Britain’s Covid quarantine rules, spare a thought for expatriates living in Hong Kong. There, if you are suspected Read more on