Xi Jinping expected to snub UK summit on climate crisis

Boris Johnson has been told that President Xi of China will not attend next month’s critical climate change conference in Glasgow amid international pessim Read more on

‘Handle it properly!’ China warns Liz Truss not to jeopardise relationship over Taiwan

CHINA has warned Liz Truss not to jeopardise the relationship between London and Beijing after the Foreign Secretary pledged solidarity with China’s arch nemesis, Lithuania, which has increasing ties with Taiwan. Read more on


We’re vulnerable! Boris warned he’s sleep-walking into China trap as energy row ravages UK

BORIS Johnson has been warned over-reliance on “unreliable regimes” such as China for its energy supplies will leave the UK vulnerable to precisely the sort of price volatility the nation is currently experiencing. Read more on

This week

UK Backs Baltic Countries Against China Threat

The UK plans to back three European countries in order to challenge threats from China. Read more on

Foreign Secretary to back Baltic countries to challenge the threat posed by Russia, Belarus and China

The Foreign Secretary is to discuss Russia, Belarus and China at a meeting of the 3 Baltic countries today. Read more on

China Expert Warns of CCP Virus ‘Half-Truths’

A British author, journalist, and China expert has written his latest book on Wuhan and the evidence around COVID-19. Jasper Becker has been writing about Asia for three decades and spent 18 years reporting from Beijing. NTD finds out why he says the Chinese regime is not a reliable source of information about the pandemic. Read more on

Last week

Power outages hit China – but what impact will this have on the UK?

CHINA’S energy crunch is beginning to ripple around the globe impacting several nations, supply chains and economies – but why exactly do power outages in Beijing impact the UK and how will it affect the country? Read more on

China, one cold winter and the origins of Britain’s fuel crisis

Britain’s gas crisis has its origins nine months ago and 5,000 miles away in the depths of the Chinese winter. The country experienced record-breaking low tempe Read more on

Exclusive: Sir Iain Duncan Smith Says Invest in UK Workers, Not China

The UK does not have to rely on “cheap” products from China if it invests in British workers and industry, Sir Iain Duncan Smith said. Read more on

In Challenge to Beijing, British Warship Transits Through Taiwan Strait – Vision Times

For the first time since 2019, a warship of the British Royal Navy sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Sept. 27, testing Beijing’s territorial claims. Read more on

UK: Protesters Burned Chinese Flag After March

Hundreds of London protesters are trying to raise awareness about Beijing’s human rights abuses. They marched all the way to the Chinese embassy in the city, and even burned a Chinese flag. Read more on

Helena Morrissey calls on investors to ditch China because of rights abuse

Baroness Morrissey, a high-profile City financier, has called on investors to sell stakes in Chinese companies because of human rights abuses in the country. Mo Read more on

‘Harmful’ Chinese character to be removed from David Walliams book

‘Brian Wong, Who Was Never, Ever Wrong’ had been condemned for its depiction of a Chinese schoolchild Read more on

South China Sea row erupts as UK sends Royal Navy ship into contested waters

TENSIONS in the South China Sea have reached boiling point after the UK sent a Royal Navy ship into the highly contested waters. Read more on

NZ opposition leader says US and UK ‘left door open’ for China in Indo-Pacific

Judith Collins criticises America as ‘foolish’ for walking away from free trade agreements Read more on