Global chip shortage may persist for at least 2 more years, says China’s Hisense

President of Hisense, Jia Shao Qian, one of China’s largest TV and household goods makers, says the chip shortage can be resolved in 2 to 3 years if there are “no big issues” with global trade disputes. But if economic and trade sanctions persist, it will be hard to estimate when the crunch will end. Read more on

How Covid spread fear of globalisation and threatens a new world order

Free trade fatigue and strained supply chains were already fracturing the system before the virus accelerated nationalist impulses towards autarky or self-reliance Read more on

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China trade surplus with the U.S. rises to monthly record in September

China reported disappointing growth in imports in September, while exports beat expectations, according to data released Wednesday by the customs agency. Read more on

China warns Australia ‘worst to come’ on trade after Abbott speech

Australia should brace for further China trade sanctions amid the diplomatic fallout from former prime minister Tony Abbott’s visit to Taiwan Read more on

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US, China chief trade negotiators hold ‘candid’ talks | DW | 09.10.2021

Beijing is seeking the elimination of US tariffs, while Washington sees the discussions as a test of bilateral engagement between the two major economic powers. Read more on

A Chinese vision of free trade

China’s motives for joining the CPTPP range from benign to worrying Read more on

Shipping rates cool as China power crisis forces production cuts

Sky-high shipping and container prices have been causing major headaches for Chinese exporters, but costs have been easing over the past two weeks. Read more on

Exclusive: Sir Iain Duncan Smith Says Invest in UK Workers, Not China

The UK does not have to rely on “cheap” products from China if it invests in British workers and industry, Sir Iain Duncan Smith said. Read more on

Press Release: China issues “inadequate” and “misleading” response to UN correspondence on forced organ harvesting – The International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China

China issues “inadequate” and “misleading” response to UN correspondence on forced organ harvesting Evidence-based concerns raised by nine United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteurs dismissed as “fabricated” and “defamatory” by PRC.   Read more on

Biden’s New China Trade Plan Seeks to Enforce Trump-Era Trade Deal, Unwind Some China Tariffs

The top U.S. trade negotiator vowed on Oct. 4 to unwind some Trump-era tariffs on Chinese goods and … Read more on

US to have ‘frank conversations’ with China on trade

By Sebastian Smith The United States will in the coming days have “frank conversations” with China on trade as the Biden administration believes the Asian giant has not honored its comm… Read more on

China unloads Australian coal despite import ban amid power shortage

Factories face energy rationing, threatening economic growth and global supply chain Read more on

NZ opposition leader says US and UK ‘left door open’ for China in Indo-Pacific

Judith Collins criticises America as ‘foolish’ for walking away from free trade agreements Read more on

U.S. trade chief: Biden will build from Trump-era tariffs to confront China

In an interview, the U.S. trade representative says her office is nearly done with a review of the administration’s approach to China as it prepares to chart a new course on the trade relationship. Read more on

Biden Administration to Offer ‘Targeted Tariff Exclusion’ on Chinese Goods

WASHINGTON—The Biden administration will announce on Monday its “new strategy” on trade relations with China, which will include extending tariff exclusion on certain Chinese goods, according to senior administration officials. Read more on