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The ONE sign China is more reliant on Australia again

This subway in the middle of an empty field in China is a good sign for Australia. The Communist Party’s drive to build more transport infrastructure is driving a recovery in the price of iron ore. Read more on

Back Lithuania or face more Chinese coercion, lawmakers tell EU chiefs

Inaction against unofficial trade embargo will allow Beijing to intensify ‘divide and rule’ practices and weaken European unity, MEPs warn. Read more on

‘Not ruled out use of force’ China ambassador blasts EU over Taiwan trade negotiations

CHINA’s Ambassador to France has “not ruled out the use of force” amid rising tensions with Taiwan and anger in Beijing over EU-Taiwan trade talks. Read more on

China’s zero-Covid policy could deal another blow to global supply chains, Moody’s says

The challenges has been “with us for about a year now,” said Katrina Ell is a senior economist for Asia-Pacific at Moody’s Analytics. Read more on

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Congestion at China’s Largest Port Triggers More Supply Chain Worries – Vision Times

The pandemic has disrupted supply chains, causing product shortages and pushing up inflation. As the Omicron wave spreads, the situation is expected to worsen. Read more on

China posts record trade surplus in Dec and 2021 on robust exports

China posted a record trade surplus in December and in 2021, as exports outperformed expectations amid a global pandemic, but some analysts are pointing to a slowdown in international shipments in the coming months. Read more on

China’s 2021 trade surplus with U.S. at $396.58 bln

China’s trade surplus with the United States was $39.23 billion in December and $396.58 billion for the whole of 2021, data from China’s General Administration of Customs showed on Friday. Read more on

China’s export growth likely eased further in December: Reuters poll

China’s export growth likely lost more steam in December as a key economic driver continues to weaken, while imports also slowed and concerns over the Omicron variant weighed on the demand outlook, a Reuters poll showed on Thursday. Read more on

China’s zero-Covid lockdowns could reignite global supply chain delays, says UBS

Kelvin Tay of UBS Global Wealth Management says global supply chain disruptions could be restarted if China locks down key production centers and ports as part of its zero-Covid policy. Read more on

Cargo Containers: A Closer Look at the Box that Blocks Our Supply Chain – Vision Times

After cargo containers became standardized and efficient, they revolutionized shipping and transformed our global economy. The inherent risks have become apparent, but how do we reduce them? Read more on

India may reconsider some investments from China: Report

India imposed curbs amid a bloody border standoff with China and also to avert risks of opportunistic takeovers. Read more on

China Locks Down World’s Third-Busiest Port City, Potentially Disrupting Global Supply Chain

China’s industrial city of Ningbo and home to the third-largest container port in the world, has been under … Read more on

Australians buy a record quantity of imports from China

Australia’s imports from China are at record levels despite the strained diplomatic relations. China is also supplying more than 70 per cent of Australia’s approved rapid antigen test kits. Read more on

Semiconductor demand sees Taiwan’s exports to mainland hit record high

Taiwanese official says that US sanctions have led to a significant increase in mainland demand for Taiwan’s chips, and that strong demand will continue until the mainland’s chip technology is upgraded. Read more on

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As Globalization Evolves, Inflation Will Rise

One of the major benefits historically provided by globalization—the seemingly endless supply of inexpensive products—will soon come to an end. This will drive inflation up for years to come. Read more on