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September 8, 2020   |   Referencing article published by aspi.org.au

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‘China poisoned me with fried eggs after I tried to expose truth about Covid’

A CHINESE virologist living in hiding in the US has claimed Chinese agents tried poison her after she exposed the “truth” about the origins of Covid. Read more on the-sun.com

Irish father detained in China could be home for Christmas

Hopes are rising that Richard O’Halloran, an Irish businessman who has been detained without charge in China for nearly three years, could be reunited with his family in Dublin this month. Read more on thetimes.co.uk

China cuts finance pledge to Africa amid growing debt concerns

Beijing lowers commitment to $40bn in investment, credit lines, trade and special drawing rights over next three years Read more on ft.com

Chinese researchers turn to AI to build futuristic weapons

Scientists say they have used the technology to build a pistol-sized coilgun that is the smallest and most powerful of its kind. Read more on scmp.com

Hong Kong: Over $300 Million in Pension Funds Withdrawn in Q3

More people seem to be leaving Hong Kong than before, and they are taking quite a bit of wealth. Read more on ntd.com

Pentagon Chief Warns China’s Military Sorties Are ‘Like Rehearsal’ for Future Operations Against Taiwan

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin warned on Saturday that the Chinese regime’s repeated military air activities near Taiwan appear to be a “rehearsal” for future military operations against the self-ruled island. Read more on theepochtimes.com

US Backs Women’s Tennis Association in Boycotting China Over Peng Shuai

The State Department said it’s standing with the Women’s Tennis Association in taking on Beijing over Peng Shuai, … Read more on theepochtimes.com

MI5 spy ‘Director K’ says Russian agents are an unpredictable storm 

The MI5’s head of hostile states counterintelligence, Director K, has called for the 100-year-old Official Secrets Act to be brought up to date and for the British public to play their part Read more on dailymail.co.uk

Far-left supporters ‘useful idiots’ for spreading China propaganda

Far-Left Labour party supporters have been labelled ‘useful idiots’ for spreading Chinese Communist Party propaganda in Britain. Read more on dailymail.co.uk

China’s communists bash US democracy before Biden summit

China’s Communist Party has taken American democracy to task, sharply criticizing a global democracy summit being hosted by President Joe Biden next week and extolling the virtues of its governing system Read more on abcnews.go.com

China’s Diabetes Population Reaches 130 Million, Many Are Young

The number of people with diabetes in China is estimated to be 10 percent of the country’s population. Read more on theepochtimes.com

Half of Hongkongers oppose plan for residents in mainland China to vote in elections, poll finds

Around 50 per cent of Hongkongers oppose the government’s arrangement of allowing residents in mainland China to vote in the upcoming “patriots only” elections, a poll has found. Read more on hongkongfp.com

Consumers’ Research Warns US Governors About BlackRock’s Retirement Fund Investments in China

Consumers’ Research, the nation’s oldest consumer advocacy organization, sent a Dec. 2 letter (pdf) to ten U.S. governors warning them about the reliance of their states’ pension funds on BlackRock’s strong ties to China. Read more on theepochtimes.com

My wife was ‘disappeared’ by China’s elite – now I want to expose their corruption

Desmond Shum risked everything to leave Beijing. Now, he is pulling back the curtain on the sordid world of the Communist Party Read more on telegraph.co.uk

China’s Adult Diaper Market Set to Overtake Infants – Vision Times

The sale of adult diapers is quickly increasing in China, set to become a bigger market than infant diapers by 2025. Read more on visiontimes.com