China lays down challenge to the west on crypto

Governments and private sector must adopt more unified approach in response to Beijing Read more on

Western investors are ‘road kill’ in China’s war against its own tech giants

Xi Jingping’s sole aim is to bring all centres of rival power under tight control and reassert the political monopoly of the Communist Party Read more on


Highly Digitized Lifestyles Adds to Flood Woes in China

Residents of flood-ravaged Henan Province in China have had their digital-orientated lifestyles disrupted by widespread power outages. Read more on

Biden Warns That Cyberattacks Could Lead To ‘A Real Shooting War’

President Joe Biden warned that a major cyberattack on the United States could lead to an actual “shooting war,” in comments that mentioned Russia and China as threats to U.S. national security. Read more on

Boris Johnson trade adviser expects Chinese bid for UK semiconductor firm will be blocked

‘Unwise’ to give Beijing control over technological assets, warns former Australian PM Read more on

This week

US Criticizes China for Cyberattack on Microsoft Exchange, But Falls Short of Action – Vision Times

The Biden administration recently condemned China for waging cyberattacks against America. Washington was joined by its allies like the European Union who also issued their own statements criticizing the Chinese regime’s actions. Read more on

Replacing fossil fuel powered vehicles will create ‘dependence with China and collapse’ warn experts

In the face of great pressure from environmental groups, the automotive market is racing towards electric energy sources. However, recent research shows phasing-out fossil fuels too quickly can lead to several problems. Read more on

Tencent’s WeChat Suspends New User Registration for Security Compliance

BEIJING—Tencent’s WeChat has temporarily suspended registration of new users in mainland China as it undergoes a technical upgrade “to align with relevant laws and regulations,” China’s dominant instant messaging platform said on July 27. Read more on

China’s Digital Yuan Puts Ant and Tencent in an Awkward Spot

Jack Ma’s Ant has quietly run pilot tests using digital yuan; ‘it’s even more risky to stay on the sidelines,’ says one observer Read more on

UK could block China state nuclear firm from future power projects – report

The change in Britain’s stance could affect the £20bn Sizewell C project in Suffolk and may also affect proposals for a new plant at Bradwell-on-Sea in Essex, it was reported. Read more on

New Zealand accuses China of sponsoring a range of cyber attacks

New Zealand has accused China of sponsoring malicious cyber activity carried out by a nation state actor known as Hafnium or APT40. Read more on

Last week

Microchip-maker sale to China bigger UK threat than Huawei – ex-cyber boss

Ciaran Martin was chief executive of the National Cyber Security Centre until August. Read more on

Chinese regulator orders Tencent to give up exclusive music licensing

Meanwhile, experts believe that this development is another example of Beijing’s crackdown on influential IT giants Read more on

China’s Digital Yuan Puts Ant and Tencent in an Awkward Spot – CBNC

HONG KONG—China is calling on private-sector pioneers Ant Group Co. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. to help it develop a state-backed digital currency that threatens the pair’s highly popular payment networks. Read more on

Huawei new consultant is Democratic super lobbyist Tony Podesta

Huawei, the controversial Chinese telecom giant, has appointed Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta as their consultant. Read more on