‘One Team, One Fight!’: Former DoD Official Highlights Urgency in US Fight to Maintain AI Superiority Over China

U.S. strategic advantage against China in the domains of AI and machine learning are being undermined by bureaucratic waste, according to the former CSO. Read more on

US emerges as biggest Bitcoin miner after China crypto crackdown

China was the biggest miner of Bitcoin until authorities there effectively banned the practice. Read more on

Opinion | China and the U.S. Sabotage Their Own Tech Companies

Xi Jinping and Joe Biden wage their version of Maoist rectification drives against successful firms. Read more on


Algorithms vs. Regulators Battle Royale Kicks Off in China

China is regulating algorithms. How that experiment goes could help Western regulators understand what to embrace—and what to avoid. Read more on

This week

French report reveals that the CCP uses Huawei to collect global data

The French Ministry of Defense’s Institute for Strategic Studies of the Military Academy (IRSEM) released a report titled “Influential Chinese Actions (CCP).” The lengthy report reveals Huawei’s close relationship with the CCP, and the CCP’s use of state-owned and private companies like Huawei to collect vast amounts of data globally. Read more on

Rep. Ro Khanna: The US is still far more innovative than the Chinese

Rep. Ro Khanna went on ‘Special Report’ to discuss a bipartisan bill to protect the U.S. from cyber threats. Read more on

US lost AI leadership to Chinese regime, warns Pentagon’s former software chief

Faced with the seemingly slow development of Artificial Intelligence [AI] in the United States that would endanger the nation, former Pentagon software chief Nick Chaillan found no other recourse but to resign from his post in protest and warning. Read more on

Beijing Probing Didi Over National Security Risks Tied to Its US Listing

Beijing had launched cybersecurity probe into the Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing to address national security risks arising from its public listing in the United States, according to Chinese state media reports. Read more on

Pentagon official resigns over belief China has won AI battle, heading to global dominance

“We have no competing fighting chance against China in 15 to 20 years. Right now, it’s already a done deal,” Nicolas Chaillan said. Read more on

Lenovo withdraws Star IPO in setback for China’s tech centre stage

The withdrawal is the second-biggest IPO cancellation in Shanghai since Ant Group, the affiliate of this newspaper’s owner Alibaba Group Holding, had its US$39.7 billion dual listing foiled in November 2020. Read more on

China’s cameras face fresh scrutiny in Europe

Hikvision was already facing scrutiny over its data practices when it acknowledged a vulnerability in its surveillance cameras. Read more on

Pentagon ‘has already lost in AI warfare’

The Pentagon’s chief software officer has said that he resigned because he could not bear to see the US overtaken by China in its technological development, wit Read more on

Biden administration ramps up efforts to secure American infrastructure from Russian and Chinese cyberattacks

The Biden administration is ramping up its efforts to secure America’s far-flung critical infrastructure amid ongoing concerns from top US officials that Russia and China continue to seek a digital foothold inside the networks of pipelines, ports and other targets — with the intention of gathering data or one day exploiting any access gained. Read more on

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Crypto Investor Who Bet on DeFi Says China Crackdown May Help It

Arthur Cheong, who worked in oil trading before reinventing himself as a crypto fund manager, put money into a blockchain-based game called Axie Infinity last year. Read more on

India woos chip-makers with Taiwan and Quad on its side, as it takes on China

But for the plan to work, India must first address its governance issues, chip-making inexperience and the costs involved to take on Chinese firms, analysts say. Read more on