Is China sending warnings to Taiwan and Britain with latest military drills?

Beijing regards Taiwan as a breakaway province and has held 20 naval exercises involving elements of island capture in the first half of 2021. Read more on

Last week

Timeline: Major events in US-China relations since 1949

As US and Chinese officials meet in China, Al Jazeera examines the nations’ relationship over several decades. Read more on

WW3 fears as China boasts US would have ‘no chance’ stopping Taiwan invasion

THERE are fears WW3 could be closer than previously thought after China boasts that the US would have “no chance” of stopping an invasion of Taiwan. Du Wenlong, a military expert at Chi… Read more on

Taiwan to open first Europe office in its name, angers China

The government in Taipei will open its office in the Baltic nation of Lithuania, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said at a briefing. Read more on

China Warns ‘Taiwan Independence Is a Dead End

Taiwan’s plans to open the country’s first representative office in Europe for nearly two decades “cannot change the fact that Taiwan is a part of China,” a Chinese government spokesperson said Tuesday. Read more on

US Restarts Trade Talks With Taiwan Despite Beijing’s Opposition, Raises Pork and Beef Issue – Vision Times

On June 29th, representatives from the United States and Taiwan held trade talks for the first time in five years. Read more on

2nd US Military Jet in Taiwan in One Week

A U.S. military aircraft landed again in Taiwan on Monday, and a Chinese state-run media is very unhappy about it. Read more on

China’s New Missile Silos Spark Concerns of War Over Taiwan

China is building 120 new silos for its intercontinental ballistic missiles near its northwestern desert city, Yumen and this has geopolitical ramifications Read more on

This month

China will ‘use nuclear bombs’ if Japan intervenes with Taiwan, says shared video

A CHINESE Communist Party (CCP) committee in the northeastern region reposted a video threatening to “continuously use nuclear bombs” against Japan should they interfere with a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Read more on

Chinese Communist regime says it will bomb Japan if it defends Taiwan

The video was removed from the network on July 14, after garnering millions of views and tens of thousands of comments and ‘likes,’ cites Indian media OpIndia. Read more on

Taiwan Part of CCP’s World Reign Plot: Expert

Discussions on whether Beijing will invade Taiwan have reached a critical point. A military expert says if Taiwan falls into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the United States and other democracies around the world will have to face decades of wars with China. Read more on

Japan: Taiwan Tensions at ‘Crisis’ Levels

Tensions surrounding Taiwan have reached “crisis” levels, says Japan’s annual Defense Ministry report. They released it on Tuesday, amid Beijing’s intensifying military presence in the region. Read more on

China threat tempers Taiwan’s welcome of Hong Kong exiles

Taipei wary of provoking Beijing and fear mainland agents infiltrated protest movement Read more on

Washington Deletes Tweet With Taiwanese Flag, Chinese Media Celebrates – Vision Times

The White House COVID-19 Response Team recently posted a tweet that detailed America’s vaccine donations globally, including those sent to Taiwan. One of the tweets features Taiwan’s flag, which had attracted controversy. Read more on

Japan defence paper warns for first time of crisis over Taiwan

Defence report calls on Japanese government to pay attention to US-China tensions over Taiwan with ‘a sense of crisis’. Read more on