Taiwan won’t be the one to start war with China, says its defence minister

China’s recent military manoeuvres aim to project Beijing’s ‘ability to scare away and obstruct foreign military forces’, says Chiu Kuo Cheng Read more on

Taiwan Showcases Military Capabilities, President Promises Never Bow to Chinese Threat – Vision Times

During Taiwan’s National Day Celebrations on Oct. 10, President Tsai Ing-wen promised the people that she would fight communist China’s escalating pressure to annex the island nation. Read more on

Putin on Taiwan: China Doesn’t Need to Use Force

On Wednesday, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said China doesn’t need to use military force on Taiwan. Read more on

Satellite images show China has upgraded military bases facing Taiwan

Taken above China’s Longtian, Huian and Zhangzhou bases, the pictures reveal the construction of storage bunkers, expanded aprons and new administrative buildings. Read more on

In Taipei, people don’t seem worried about potential for China-Taiwan conflict

China has stepped up pressure on Taiwan in recent weeks, flying dozens of warplanes near the self-ruled island in a show of strength that has put the entire region on edge. Read more on

‘Handle it properly!’ China warns Liz Truss not to jeopardise relationship over Taiwan

CHINA has warned Liz Truss not to jeopardise the relationship between London and Beijing after the Foreign Secretary pledged solidarity with China’s arch nemesis, Lithuania, which has increasing ties with Taiwan. Read more on

China state media warns U.S. defending Taiwan would be

The Global Times warned Taiwan that the U.S. won’t “fight to the death” over Taiwan, but China is prepared to wage the battle. Read more on


China’s Escalating Military Pressure on Taiwan Poses Challenge to Democracies Everywhere: Experts

Experts believe that China’s record-breaking incursion into Taiwan airspace was meant to erode U.S. standing and solidify Xi Jinping’s personal power. Read more on

Taiwan won’t start a war with China, defence minister says

Taiwan will not start a war with China but will defend itself “full on”, Defence Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng said on Thursday, amid a spike in tensions across the Taiwan Strait that has raised concern internationally. Read more on

China to kick off ‘next global conflict’ if Taiwan is lost to ‘tyranny’, says expert

CHINA is likely to start the “next global conflict” amid tensions in the South China Sea and over Taiwan, an expert has said, sparking World War Three fears. Read more on

Harvard moves language school from Beijing to Taipei

Harvard University is moving its Chinese-language programme from Beijing to Taipei, with its director citing a “perceived lack of friendliness from the host ins Read more on

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Taiwan Resident: War Can Happen at Anytime

China’s increasing military pressure on Taiwan is taking a toll on the island’s citizens. Read more on

China’s drill likely simulated landing on Taiwan | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

China’s state-run television has disclosed footage of the Chinese military conducting a drill recently in the eastern province of Fujian. Observers say the drill was apparently held with the supposition of landing on Taiwan. Read more on

Taiwan: how the ‘porcupine doctrine’ might help deter armed conflict with China

Taipei’s military strategists plan to use ‘asymmetrical warfare’ in the hope of imposing crippling casualties and costs on any attacker. Read more on

China warns Australia ‘worst to come’ on trade after Abbott speech

Australia should brace for further China trade sanctions amid the diplomatic fallout from former prime minister Tony Abbott’s visit to Taiwan Read more on