The EU takes on China. China's wolf warriors won't take it lying down. Will EU stand firm & united? - Sharon's Straight Talk

A few weeks ago, Europeans watched in disbelief as the Chinese Ambassador to France, Mr. Lu Shaye, insulted French lawmakers and called a respected researcher a “small-time thug” and a “mad hyena”. When he was then summoned by the French Foreign Ministry to explain his comments, the Chinese ambassador said he was “too busy to come” – completely ignoring international protocols. 

Back in March, when the European Union sanctioned Chinese police chiefs and government officials for their hand in human rights abuses in Xinjiang, they expected Beijing to retaliate in some form. What they didn’t expect was Beijing’s shocking move to sanction scholars and elected members of parliament who did nothing but express their opinions. 

With its ‘wolf warrior’ style of diplomacy, China has ditched diplomatic efforts in favour of intimidation.The name “wolf warrior” came from a popular Chinese action movie released in 2017. It featured a patriotic Chinese special-ops agent who shoots his way out of trouble. The tagline of the movie – as seen on the poster – is: “Anyone who offends China, no matter where they are, must be killed”. As of today, the blatant propaganda that is the Wolf Warrior franchise includes the highest-grossing movie in Chinese history. Since then, when Chinese officials or diplomats respond to criticism with threats and insults, they are said to be practicing ‘wolf-warrior diplomacy’. 

Another famous case of wolf-warrior diplomacy occurred several months ago, when Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said this about the Five Eye Alliance: “I don’t care if it is five-eye or ten-eye: If you dare harm Chinese interests, just take care not to have your eye poked blind.”

How About That?

The power vacuum created by the coronavirus pandemic saw China’s wolf-warrior diplomats acting much more aggressively than before. Perhaps China felt it was time to start taking the reins when the rest of the world was frantically dealing with the turmoil in their own countries. And they have been largely getting away with it … that is, until recently.China’s over-the-top approach has woken up more countries to the fundamental differences they have with the Communist state. Europe has begun to understand how far Beijing diverges from European norms and values.

That’s why it was not surprising that the European Parliament recently decided to shelve its investment agreement with China – a deal that took 7 years in the making, and a deal that China badly needed.But China doesn’t seem to realize what has cost them the deal.

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