Opinion | Avoiding a Confrontation Has Facilitated China’s Rise

January 6, 2021   |   Referencing article published by wsj.com
Joseph S. Nye Jr. proposes a solution to an intractable problem that accentuates its intractability.
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EU-China investment deal is still possible — but not before 2023, analyst says

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Beijing’s top diplomat in Hong Kong doubles down on warnings to ‘foreign forces’

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CHINA Xinjiang’s Han Chinese growing faster than Uyghurs

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China Moves Against the Christian Darakbang Movement

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Biden Revokes Trump Ban on Chinese Apps TikTok, WeChat – Vision Times

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US News Agencies Accepting Millions to Publish CCP Propaganda: Department of Justice – Vision Times

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GOP Senators Urge Tightening of Export Controls to Counteract ‘China’s Economic Predation’

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) led a group of 10 Republican senators in calling on the Biden administration to act more quickly to finalize a list of “emerging and foundational technologies” that are key to national security and would be subject to stricter export controls as a guardrail against their acquisition and misuse by China for military and intelligence purposes. Read more on ntd.com

VPN, Taiwan, and a Chinese Youth’s Awakening

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