China’s misguided crackdown on business

Concerns over Big Tech are legitimate but fear of entrepreneurs is a mistake Read more on

China lays down challenge to the west on crypto

Governments and private sector must adopt more unified approach in response to Beijing Read more on

China ‘Does Not Deserve to Host’ 2022 Olympics: Rights Activist

As the 1-year-delayed Summer Olympics play out in Tokyo, Japan, a human rights activist called on the United … Read more on


Wang Huning: China’s supreme theoretician

Xi Jinping Thought is the new theoretical underpinning of Chinese politics, replacing the revolutionary communism of Chairman Mao. But what is? Read more on

BBC calls on China to stop attacks on journalists following harassment in Henan

Angry crowd harangued reporters from Europe and the US after being encouraged by Communist Party group Read more on

Jersey Shore Congressman pushes to move 2022 Winter Olympics out of China

There is continued push to move the 2022 Winter Olympic games out of China and to another country with timing increasingly running out for such a move to happen. Read more on

Coca-Cola, which opposed Georgia’s voter law, dodged questions on Chinese repression

“For many American corporations it is business as usual when it comes to China,” Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) said Tuesday during a hearing of the bipartisan Congressional-Executive Commission on China. Read more on

COVID-19 in China: Two Divinized Generals Mobilized for Help

A grassroot movement believes ancient military men Huo Qubing and Xin Qiji can prevent the pandemic’s return. The CCP has not decided yet how to react. Read more on

Beijing Issues List of American ‘Wrongdoings’ as US-China Meeting Ends Without Any Positive Result – Vision Times

On July 26, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman, met with Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, Xie Feng. Read more on

Expert: Tech Fallout a Big Problem in China

It seems the sell-off in Chinese stocks is spilling over into Chinese bonds and even the Chinese yuan. Read more on

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The Carrier Strike Group in the South China Sea | Council on Geostrategy

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Rout in Chinese markets pulls European counterparts lower

Continued turmoil in Chinese markets has bled into European trading and pulled London stocks lower despite improving Covid case numbers. Read more on

Black cat or white cat? Reconciling the two Deng Xiaopings | Chinese Whispers | The Spectator

For most people, Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping stand out as the two Communist leaders of the People’s Republic of China. But growing up, it was actually a third man, by the name of Deng Xiaoping, whose legacy I felt the most. Read more on

Xi Jinping in Tibet: A Sideshow About Water

Tibetans were compelled to stay home while extras in fancy costumes hailed the President’s attempt to sell the controversial “largest dam in the world” project. Read more on

Replacing fossil fuel powered vehicles will create ‘dependence with China and collapse’ warn experts

In the face of great pressure from environmental groups, the automotive market is racing towards electric energy sources. However, recent research shows phasing-out fossil fuels too quickly can lead to several problems. Read more on