Threat of China a major talking point at PM’s meeting with British officials

Australia will this week host high-level ministerial talks with key British officials focused on military collaboration and achieving the goals set down under the AUKUS agreement. Read more on

India Wants Both Russia and the US as Allies Against China

Russia is an unreliable, autocratic, and pro-China country. Yet India, the world’s biggest democracy, is aligned with the East European country due to a historical relationship and an Indian desire to maintain both Russian and American friends for any potential fight against China. Read more on

This week

The waning efficacy of China’s vaccines presents a ‘smart power’ opportunity for the West – British Foreign Policy Group

Research and Events Intern, Sam Brown analyses vaccine diplomacy, the impact of the COVAX scheme and the efficacy of the Sinovac vaccine. Read more on

Ozone Pollution Is Cutting China’s Crop Production, Study Says

Researchers say the air pollutant has decreased wheat and hybrid rice yields by about 30%. Read more on

Slowdown in Chinese town highlights potential pitfalls of property reforms

Homeowners’ struggles demonstrate challenge of cooling sector without damaging wider economy Read more on

Xi Jinping defends crackdowns in ‘common prosperity’ drive at Davos

China’s president says reforms not about egalitarianism but to ‘make the pie bigger’ and divide it fairly Read more on

Priti Patel tells MPs to be on their guard against foreign agents

The Home Secretary said the threat of interference in UK politics from hostile powers is ‘growing and diversifying’. Read more on

Congress Distributes ‘Made in China’ Masks

A Chinese spy and a British premier minister were seen together at whispering distance. Photos are now driving backlash over just how much the Chinese Communist Party’s influence is cozying up to the West. Read more on

Chapter Two (II): The CCP’s Campaign Against Confucius

All dynasties in ancient China paid respects to Confucius. Slandering the “eternal teacher” was something only the Communist Party dared do.  Read more on

Fauci will be grilled if Republicans control House after 2022 election says GOP Rep. Jordan

An infectious diseases expert and the president’s chief medical advisor will be investigated if the GOP regains control of the U.S. House, a Trump ally said. Read more on

A new era of spying has caught us napping

Why would China want to spy on an obscure Labour politician? That is one of many questions arising from the news this week that MI5 has warned MPs and peers about their dealings with the ubiquitous and generous Christine Lee. t Read more on

Last week

Why Xi Jinping could be left vulnerable if he steps down from power

Chinese President Xi Jinping should be retiring this year, but he will do all he can to maintain his grip on power. If he doesn’t, he becomes vulnerable. Read more on

Japan Is Becoming an Increasingly Valuable Partner in Resistance to China’s Authoritarian Advances

As Communist China increases hostilities in the Indo-Pacific region, Japan is stepping up, not only with bold statements against China’s intimidation but with action—including military contingency planning with the U.S. and joint defense agreements with regional allies. Read more on

America and China are one military accident away from disaster

Lessons from a Chinese jet’s fatal collision with a US spy plane, 21 years ago Read more on

Chinese dialects in decline as government enforces Mandarin

Linguists concerned as regional languages dwindle amid push to strengthen uniform national identity Read more on