46 – Weekly Newsletter Sep

The Chinese ambassador to the UK has been banned from Parliament after an invitation for him to visit the House of Commons sparked outrage among MPs and peers placed under sanctions by China. Read more on

Last week

45 – Weekly Newsletter Sep

The House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee publishes a new report examining the UK’s (lack of) strategy towards China. ‘The UK and China’s security and trade relationship: A strategic void’ is the culmination of several months of witness evidence, discussions and hearings. Christmas came early in this household. Read more on

This month

44 – Weekly Newsletter Sep

The fall of Afghanistan is “only the beginning of a new stage of chaos” that could see the US and China drawn into conflict, a leading parliamentarian has warned. The chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Tom Tugendhat, said it was “absolutely predictable” that Taliban victory would lead to regional instability and the export of terrorism to countries including the UK. Read more on

43 – Weekly Newsletter August

Taiwan’s foreign minister accused the regime in Beijing on Aug. 21 of wanting to follow in the Taliban’s footsteps by seizing control of the democratic island, saying the island has no desire to be subjected to communist rule. Read more on

41 – Weekly Newsletter August

”Earth’s biggest human rights abuser hopes to capitalize on the Taliban seizing power in Afghanistan. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is pleased with Islamic militant fighters taking control of Kabul, because the communist regime could make a lot of money from a change of leadership. Read more on

40 – Weekly Newsletter August

Recent news reports have revealed that British government ministers are considering various financing options regarding the Sizewell-C Nuclear Power Plant project in Suffolk to counteract the progressive ownership of vital British infrastructure by Chinese government-run companies. Read more on

39 – Weekly Newsletter Aug.

A sprawling network of more than 350 fake social media profiles is pushing pro-China narratives and attempting to discredit those seen as opponents of China’s government, according to a new study. The aim is to delegitimise the West and boost China’s influence and image overseas, the report by the Centre for Information Resilience (CIR) suggests. Read more on

38 – Weekly Newsletter July

As the 1-year-delayed Summer Olympics play out in Tokyo, Japan, a human rights activist called on the United States to boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Reggie Littlejohn, a Yale Law graduate with nearly 10 years of experience secretly aiding women in China, said “China does not deserve to host these games.” Read more on

37 – Weekly Newsletter July

As the debate continues over the origins of the coronavirus, a fresh row has erupted over virus research being carried out in China using US funds. It’s linked to the unproven theory that the virus could have leaked from a lab in Wuhan, the Chinese city where it was first detected. Read more on

36 – Weekly Newsletter July

MPs have approved a parliamentary motion criticizing Beijing’s hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympics and calling for a UK diplomatic boycott. The proposal argued the showpiece sporting event should not be held in a “country whose government is credibly accused of mass atrocity crimes.” Read more on

35 – Weekly Newsletter July

More than a year after the pandemic broke out in Wuhan, China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) still hasn’t given a clear answer as to what happened. But citizen journalists, scientists, and sleuths on the internet have been working around the clock to find the answer for themselves. Read more on

34 – Weekly Newsletter July

Chancellor Rishi Sunak says the UK government wants to trade with China while maintaining the UK’s values. One expert questions whether that’s possible. Read more on

33 – Weekly Newsletter June

The 26-year-old daily faces imminent closure after HK$18 million worth of its assets were frozen by the authorities following the arrest of five top executives. Unable to pay staff, many at the newsroom have resigned. Apple Daily’s English news section, finance section, video department, and Twitter account have all ceased operation earlier this week. Read more on

32 – Weekly Newsletter June

The U.S. State Department on Thursday strongly condemned the pro-Beijing Hong Kong government for using the draconian national security law as a political tool to target pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily. Read more on

31 – Weekly Newsletter June

Thousands of Hungarians, some of them holding banners declaring “treason,” protested on Saturday against a Chinese university’s plans to open a campus in Budapest. Read more on