Russia and China Differ in Afghanistan Ambitions: Experts

Policy factions in Russia are split on whether the nation should commit to trying to match the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) economic ambitions in Afghanistan or merely recommit to working in the central Asia security space, according to experts familiar with the matter. Read more on

‘More of China, less of America’: how the superpower fight is squeezing the Gulf

Caught between long-term ally Washington and an economically powerful Beijing, Middle East states are struggling to balance relations Read more on

27 House Republicans ask Pentagon to investigate Gen. Mark Milley’s calls to CCP general

A group of 27 House Republicans has requested Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to investigate the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley for his alleged call with a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) general, citing national security risks. Read more on

General Mark Milley accused of secret relations with the Chinese communist regime

After the thunderous disaster in Afghanistan, the government is facing another major scandal. Read more on

Afghanistan: China urges US to unfreeze assets in war-torn nation

Ambassador to Kabul Wang Yu tells acting Afghanistan’s acting Foreign Minister Amir Muttaqi that China welcomes Taliban guarantee to safeguard its investments. Read more on

‘Would Allow China to Have Direct Oil Access’: Antonio Graceffo on Beijing’s Interest in Afghanistan

In this episode, we sat down with China economic analyst Dr. Antonio Graceffo. Read more on

China is considering sending soldiers and workers to former US airbase

China is considering sending military personnel and economic development officials to Bagram Airfield, one of the most prominent American military bases during the 20-year war. Read more on

China Claims to Offer Real Democracy in Wake of US Defeat in Afghanistan

The emerging situation in Afghanistan symbolizes a failure of democratic systems and pushes CCP’s misleading narratives, said, experts. Read more on

China Is ‘Our Main Partner,’ Says Taliban Spokesperson

A Taliban spokesperson has praised Beijing as a “main partner” and financer as the group moves to build a national governance and develop Afghanistan’s economy. Read more on

Republicans warn CHINA could take over Bagram air base

The U.S. must rebuild fragile alliances with partner nations or risk rivals such as China moving into Afghanistan to collect strategic assets including Bagram Air Base, according to Nikki Haley. Read more on

China holds firm on Xinjiang as Afghanistan poses security concerns

Counterterrorism and stability measures will continue in the remote region which shares a border with the war-torn country. Read more on

‘Could Be a Major Battle’: Copley on Beijing’s Stake in Afghanistan

In this special episode, we sat down with Gregory Copley, president of the International Strategic Studies Association. Read more on

Uyghurs in Afghanistan Fear Deportation to China or Persecution Under The Taliban

With papers that call them ‘Chinese Turkestani migrants,’ they are vulnerable to Taliban efforts to placate Beijing. Read more on

A Taliban-run Afghanistan will be less isolated than the West may hope

But no country will feel comfortable with it | Asia Read more on

Taiwan Isn’t Afghanistan, Whatever Beijing Says

The fall of Kabul is a crisis of competence, not credibility, for U.S. power in Asia. Read more on