Last week

Philippines bets Brahmos will keep China at bay

In a bid to reinforce its weak defenses in the South China Sea, the Philippines has issued a notice of award to India to acquire the Brahmos supersonic cruise missile in an approximate US$375 milli… Read more on

India General: Will Deal With Chinese Army Firmly

China and India are grappling with a stalemate at their shared border. Read more on

India may reconsider some investments from China: Report

India imposed curbs amid a bloody border standoff with China and also to avert risks of opportunistic takeovers. Read more on

This month

India-China trade surge muffles beating war drums

JAIPUR – At a time when India-China relations are at new lows, bilateral trade touched new highs in 2021. According to China’s General Administration of Customs (GAC) data, bilateral trade be… Read more on

UK has sent £86m in green aid to COP26 saboteurs China & India in past 5 years

BRITAIN has handed £86million in green aid to China and India in the last five years. It is sent despite both being rich countries which watered down crucial eco-policies at last year’s COP26 summi… Read more on

Beijing gives villages in India Chinese names as it seeks to expand in contested borderlands

15 villages in ‘South Tibet’ have been renamed by China, leading India to hit back over a violation of sovereignty Read more on

China deploys armed robotic vehicles during standoff with India to deal with cold, difficult terrain: reports

The People’s Liberation Army first released the robots in 2014 but has not made widespread use of them until recently. Read more on

Pentagon Worries About Chinese Buildup Near India

China’s new airports and highways near the border have put officials on edge. Read more on

China suspends Sri Lankan solar plants after India protest | India News – Times of India

India News: China has decided to suspend a project for construction of Hybrid Energy Systems in Sri Lanka by Chinese firm Sino Soar Hybrid Technology, a Lankan me Read more on

India pushes renewed trade talks in aftermath of Canada-China tensions | CBC News

India and Canada have engaged in a series of “consultative meetings” that could form the basis for full-fledged free-trade negotiations, according to the country’s high commissioner to Canada. Read more on

Indian stocks are putting China in the shade

There is a changing of the guard in emerging markets. That’s the conclusion that you could draw from the sharp ascendancy of Indian equities and the sell-off in Chinese stocks.The switch in the performance dynamic of the two economic powerhouses has resulted in discounts opening up for shares in Chi Read more on

China and India set to receive £1.5billion climate aid windfall

Despite having two of the fastest growing economies in the world, the UN designates China and India as ‘developing states’. Read more on

Oil reserves released by Biden expected to primarily go to China, India

President Biden’s move to tap the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve is expected to supply China and India oil needs as gas demands have led to global shortages, reports said Tuesday. Read more on

China conducts ‘major border operations’ as discussions over Indian border row conclude

CHINA has announced it has conducted “major operations” on its borders just before Beijing and Delhi claim they “need to find an early resolution” along the Line of Actual Control. Read more on

Brussels bosses slammed for ‘kowtowing’ to China and India at COP26

BRUSSELS bosses were blasted for “kowtowing” to China and India at COP26 without putting up a proper fight. Amid growing disappointment at a last-minute climb-down over coal at the climate summit, … Read more on