Last week

Huawei new consultant is Democratic super lobbyist Tony Podesta

Huawei, the controversial Chinese telecom giant, has appointed Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta as their consultant. Read more on

This month

FCC finalizes program to rip and replace Huawei, ZTE telecom equipment in the U.S.

The U.S. government has considered the Chinese firms national security risks. Read more on

HSBC documents revealed in Huawei extradition battle

A twist comes in the lengthy case that has been a lightening rod for Sino-US and Canadian tensions. Read more on

Dish hopes to serve up new kind of 5G network

Charlie Ergen wants to turn TV business into phone company that competes with the titans Read more on

In further blow to Huawei, Swedish court upholds 5G sales ban

The ruling is Huawei’s second loss on appeal after authorities in Stockholm barred the company from its network in October, citing national security. Read more on

EXCLUSIVE Pacific undersea cable project sinks after U.S. warns against Chinese bid

A World Bank-led project declined to award a contract to lay sensitive undersea communications cables after Pacific island governments heeded U.S. warnings that participation of a Chinese company posed a security threat Read more on

WSJ News Exclusive | U.S. Fight Against Chinese 5G Efforts Shifts From Threats to Incentives

Washington is ratcheting up pressure on Beijing’s 5G ambitions overseas, offering financial incentives and other enticements to countries willing to shun Chinese-made telecom gear. Read more on

Huawei reveals impact of 5G ban

Britain’s blacklisting of Huawei has hammered profits and sales at the Chinese telecoms giant, new figures reveal. Read more on

Romanian President Signs Bill Into Law to Ban Huawei From 5G

BUCHAREST—Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis signed a Washington-backed bill on Friday that effectively bars China and Huawei from taking part in the development of its 5G telecommunication networks, on security concerns. Read more on

Meng Applies for Publication Ban on HSBC Materials Obtained via Hong Kong Court

Huawei’s chief financial officer is seeking a publication ban on new evidence that her legal team wants to introduce in her fight against extradition to the United States. Read more on

China’s Huawei aims to reach driverless car technology in 2025

China’s Huawei Technologies (HWT.UL) aims to develop driverless passenger car technology by 2025, an executive said on Thursday, as the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker diversifies its business in the face of U.S. sanctions. Read more on

Huawei’s global troubles spur Beijing’s push for self-reliance

The falling foreign sales of the tech giant have given new impetus to Beijing‘s goal of strengthening domestic technology capabilities, says Alexander Brown. China’s tech sector now has to make it work – and possibly abandon ambitions overseas. Read more on

Huawei launches its own mobile operating system on handsets

The launch of the operating system comes as Huawei is still cut off from US technologies including Google’s services. Read more on

Communist China’s Huawei Pivots to Cloud, E-Government Solutions in Developing World

A May 17 report by U.S. think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) found 70 agreements made between Huawei and 41 countries’ governments or state owned enterprises for the installation of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) cloud computing and e-governance solutions. Read more on

Polish Trial Begins in Huawei-Linked China Espionage Case

An espionage trial involving a former Polish secret services agent and an ex-employee of Huawei begins in a Warsaw court on Tuesday as some European states consider whether to exclude the Chinese group’s equipment from their 5G telecom networks. Read more on