China poised to impose anti-sanctions law on Hong Kong

City’s multinationals face financial risk, caught in US-Beijing tug of war Read more on


Hong Kong Is Having Its Best Olympics Ever

The Olympics have become a rare occasion for young people to express their pride as Hong Kongers. Read more on

Hong Kong police warnings of terrorist threat met with scepticism

Concerns of violent underground movement persist but analysts say incidents have been overplayed Read more on

Hong Kong Man Found Guilty in Trial Without Jury

The first person charged under Hong Kong’s national security law was found guilty of terrorism and inciting secession. It’s a landmark case with long-term implications for how the new law reshapes the city’s common law traditions. Read more on

Hong Kong Alliance fined HK$8,000 over unlicensed operation of Tiananmen Massacre museum

Magistrate Jacky Ip opted to impose a fine over the illegal operation of the June 4th museum in Mong Kok because it was the Alliance’s first offence, they pleaded guilty, and acted swiftly to shut the premises down. Read more on

This week

First Person Tried Under Hong Kong Security Law Found Guilty

The first person to be tried under Hong Kong’s sweeping national security law was found guilty of secessionism and terrorism on Tuesday in a ruling closely watched for indications of how the law will be applied as China tightens its grip on the city long known for its freedoms. Read more on

Hong Kong’s National Security Council Caught Up in Luxurious Dinner Party Scandal – Vision Times

Hong Kong civil servants are subject to strict requirements for accepting benefits or hospitality according to the Basic Law. Read more on

Expert Shares Analysis on Hong Kong’s Economic Data after US Warning on Business Risks

After the U.S. State Department on July 16 issued a warning for multinational companies in Hong Kong, reminding firms that the current situation in Hong Kong will likely negatively affect their operations, a Hong Kong economist and financial columnist said that even if the notice was not issued, most companies would have already made preparations. Read more on

Last week

Free speech or secession?

Three Hong Kong judges will rule on Tuesday whether the protest slogan “Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of our Times” is a call for secession when they deliver a verdict on charges against a man arrested at a demonstration last year. Read more on

Academics in Hong Kong suffer curbs on their freedoms

A climate of fear has enveloped the city’s campuses | China Read more on

London Welcomes Hongkongers ‘With Open Arms’

Sadiq Khan has sent a message of support to Hongkongers fleeing the Chinese regime’s crackdown. The mayor of London says the city will welcome them with open arms. Read more on

Exclusive: London Mayor urges China to respect ‘one country, two systems’ principle in Hong Kong – CityAM

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called on the British government to continue applying pressure on the Chinese government to respect Read more on

Hong Kong Sentences 7 for Train Station Attack

A Hong Kong court is sentencing seven men to up to seven years in prison for their role in a 2019 attack on pro-democracy protesters, reporters, and bystanders at a train station during the height of the protests. Read more on

Ousted Hong Kong legislator Dennis Kwok warns of ‘risks’ to int’l business from security law

The legislation will complicate the settlement of business disputes, says Dennis Kwok. Read more on

Hong Kong police arrest speech therapists over children’s books with China depicted as a wolf

Five speech therapists in hoods and handcuffs were led away by security police in Hong Kong yesterday for distributing “seditious” children’s books that depict China as a malevolent wolf.The arrests Read more on