China lays down challenge to the west on crypto

Governments and private sector must adopt more unified approach in response to Beijing Read more on

Beijing seeks to ease fears on Wall Street after tech crackdown

China’s market watchdog holds call with global banks as regulatory assault sends shockwaves through stocks Read more on

WSJ News Exclusive | China Moves to Reassure Global Banks and Investors After Market Rout

China moved to contain the fallout from a regulatory assault on tech firms that has rattled investors, with a top securities regulator privately telling global financial institutions that Beijing will consider the impact on markets when it introduces new policies. Read more on


Evergrande’s tumultuous week renews fears of liquidity crisis

Concerns mount over hugely indebted Chinese developer after credit downgrade and cancelled dividend Read more on

Analysis: No gain without pain: Why China’s reform push must hurt investors

Carnage in China’s financial markets signals the beginning of a new era, investors say, as the government puts socialism before shareholders and regulatory changes rip apart the old playbook. Read more on

Expert: Tech Fallout a Big Problem in China

It seems the sell-off in Chinese stocks is spilling over into Chinese bonds and even the Chinese yuan. Read more on

China doesn’t care whether the Taliban wins or loses – either way, it stands to gain

The Chinese Communist Party wants to fill the vacuum left by the US troop withdrawal using its Belt and Road initiative, reports Mayank Aggarwal Read more on

This week

Rout in Chinese markets pulls European counterparts lower

Continued turmoil in Chinese markets has bled into European trading and pulled London stocks lower despite improving Covid case numbers. Read more on

US-Listed Chinese Companies Must Disclose Government Interference Risks–SEC Official

Chinese companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges must disclose the risks of the Chinese government interfering in their businesses as part of their regular reporting obligations, a top U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission official said on July 26. Read more on

China Property Management Stocks Slump as Beijing Tightens Grip

Chinese property management stocks tumbled on Monday, after Beijing vowed to œnotably improve order in the market and regulate a wide range of industry activities. Read more on

China’s Digital Yuan Puts Ant and Tencent in an Awkward Spot

Jack Ma’s Ant has quietly run pilot tests using digital yuan; ‘it’s even more risky to stay on the sidelines,’ says one observer Read more on

Crackdown on education companies sparks sharp sell-off for Chinese stocks

Ban on tutoring groups from making profits raises fears that no sector is safe from Beijing’s regulatory assault Read more on

Expert Shares Analysis on Hong Kong’s Economic Data after US Warning on Business Risks

After the U.S. State Department on July 16 issued a warning for multinational companies in Hong Kong, reminding firms that the current situation in Hong Kong will likely negatively affect their operations, a Hong Kong economist and financial columnist said that even if the notice was not issued, most companies would have already made preparations. Read more on

China tightens grips on local government hidden debt

China is stepping up restrictions on financing to local government financing vehicles (LGFVs) to mitigate risks from hidden debt, the official Securities Times reported on Monday. Read more on

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China sees Pittsburgh as role model for industrial transformation

But for China’s rust-belt region to become a destination for advanced manufacturing, some analysts say it must rely on American technology – a difficult task amid strained bilateral tensions. Read more on