Sweden Should Press China to Release Swedish Book Publisher

This week marks the sixth anniversary since Chinese authorities abducted Gui Minhai, a Swedish book publisher, from his home in Thailand in 2015. Read more on

This week

French report reveals that the CCP uses Huawei to collect global data

The French Ministry of Defense’s Institute for Strategic Studies of the Military Academy (IRSEM) released a report titled “Influential Chinese Actions (CCP).” The lengthy report reveals Huawei’s close relationship with the CCP, and the CCP’s use of state-owned and private companies like Huawei to collect vast amounts of data globally. Read more on

China’s Xi Jinping speaks with Germany’s Angela Merkel in diplomatic push

Talks with German chancellor follow growing speculation that Xi will not travel to Europe for G20 summit this month or the COP26 climate meeting in November. Read more on

UK Backs Baltic Countries Against China Threat

The UK plans to back three European countries in order to challenge threats from China. Read more on

Foreign Secretary to back Baltic countries to challenge the threat posed by Russia, Belarus and China

The Foreign Secretary is to discuss Russia, Belarus and China at a meeting of the 3 Baltic countries today. Read more on

EU’s Charles Michel to speak with China’s Xi on Friday

Call to come amid strained relations between Beijing and Brussels. Read more on

China’s cameras face fresh scrutiny in Europe

Hikvision was already facing scrutiny over its data practices when it acknowledged a vulnerability in its surveillance cameras. Read more on

How Lithuania has caused the EU a major headache with China

LITHUANIA is a small European country with a population of 2.8 million but the nation is refusing to back down in an area ongoing row with the world’s most populous country China – but why are Vilnius’ actions causing the EU a major headache? Read more on

Last week

Beijing condemns French senator for calling Taiwan a ‘country’ | DW | 08.10.2021

China has reacted angrily after a French lawmaker referred to the island of Taiwan as a country. Tensions between Beijing and Taipei have reached new levels in recent weeks. Read more on

Dutch researchers under fire over China DNA research links –

Researchers at Erasmus University’s teaching hospital have been working with Chinese scientists on developing more sensitive DNA technology, investigative website Follow the Money and RTL Nieuws said on Wednesday. Read more on

Global player? EU summit to seek answers on China, U.S. strategy

The European Union’s 27 leaders will seek a new approach to China on Tuesday in their first summit on Sino-European strategy since the bloc imposed sanctions on Beijing in March and faced retaliation, jeopardising a new investment pact. Read more on

China sends record number of warplanes towards Taiwan

Beijing steps up intimidation ahead of a visit by French politicians to Taipei Read more on

European markets set for positive open; China Evergrande trading halt watched

European stocks are expected to open broadly in positive territory on Monday as markets head into the first full trading week of October. Read more on

This month

Should Ukraine take Chinese cash for its huge roads upgrade project?

As talks with the International Monetary Fund stall, is it a good idea for China to fill Ukraine’s funding vacuum? Read more on

The Security Implications of Chinese Infrastructure Investment in Europe

Even before the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) provided additional clarity about China’s strategic intent, Europe had experienced major influxes of Chinese finance, used to snap up everything from fading brands to large-scale infrastructure assets. Read more on