EU chides China and others for IP breaches — again

June 19, 2020   |   Referencing article published by
Worst offenders continue to drain European businesses of jobs as well as billions of euros in revenues
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Evergrande wooed retail investors with Gucci bags and Dyson appliances

Lured by the promise of yields approaching 12%, gifts such as Dyson air purifiers and Gucci bags, and the guarantee of China’s top-selling developer, tens of thousands of investors bought wealth management products through China Evergrande Group. Read more on

Bank of America cuts China growth forecast under Evergrande shadow

Bank of America cut its China growth forecast on Tuesday in response to intensifying troubles at property giant Evergrande, a fresh COVID outbreak and a widespread regulatory squeeze, going beyond warnings issued by other investment banks. Read more on

Chief Exec. Lam hails Sunday polls, says Hong Kong will not ban ‘patriots critical of gov’t’ from elections

Lam said she could not answer as to why democrats were absent from Sunday’s small-circle election committee race. Read more on

Evergrande Falls Further as S&P Warns Chinese Bail Out Unlikely

China Evergrande Group’s stock and bond value fell further on Tuesday, fueling concerns about broader influence after S&P Global Ratings warned that Beijing is unlikely to bail out the developer. Read more on

US Air Force Secretary Warns of China’s Military Ambitions in Space

U.S. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall on Sept. 20 warned about China’s increasing military threats, including those from space. Read more on

Cash-strapped Evergrande missed interest payments due Monday

Cash-strapped Evergrande missed payments to 2 of its largest bank creditors, sources tell Bloomberg. Read more on

China’s Parents Face a ‘3:30 p.m. Dilemma’

Regardless of policy changes, wealthy parents have the resources needed to make after-school hours productive. That leaves working-class families in a bind. Read more on

Xi Jinping Aims to Rein In Chinese Capitalism, Hew to Mao’s Socialist Vision

Going well beyond curbing tech giants, he wants the Communist party to steer flows of money and set tighter limits on profit making, his speeches show and officials say. More turbulence for foreign businesses is likely. Read more on

China bans Taiwan apple imports as relations sour

China has stepped up its trade war with Taiwan by banning apple imports as state media say it has no wish to buy the island’s “problematic fruits” while its government acts as a “running dog” for the United States. Read more on

Japan urges Europe to speak out against China’s military expansion

Exclusive: in the first piece in a new Guardian series on China and tensions in the Indo-Pacific, Japan’s defence minister says the international community must bolster deterrence efforts against Beijing’s military Read more on

Top EU official warns ‘something broken’ in transatlantic relations

Thierry Breton’s intervention comes as Franco-American tensions threaten broader diplomatic efforts Read more on

US, China and India snub Boris Johnson’s climate meeting

Big emitters no-show at meeting to build ambition ahead of key UN climate talks. Read more on

Xinjiang: Relatives of Refugees Who Speak Abroad Manipulated, Jailed, Tortured

Those who managed to escape tell the truth about the horror of the camps. The CCP compels their relatives to denounce them, those who don’t end up in jail. Read more on

Australia may be targeted for nuclear attack over alliance with US, warns former Chinese diplomat

A Chinese academic is warning Australia that it will become a target for nuclear attack in retaliation for the nuclear-powered submarine deal it struck with the United States and Britain. The threats were made during an interview on ABC’s China Tonight. Read more on

China’s richest missing woman resurfaces to phone ex-husband after four years

The secret riches of Chinese leaders is a delicate subject in mainland China, and rarely discussed. Many of Wen’s relatives became extremely wealthy during his presidency, according to a 2012 New York Times investigation. The report revealed Duan helped her mother and other relatives invest. She was also a close friend of Wen’s wife. Read more on