Xinjiang, in addition to suffering Chinese genocide, has the most polluted air in the world.

The western region of China, where most of the Chinese concentration camps are located, is the area with the highest air pollution in the world, according to the Indian media, Business Standard. Read more on

Last week

To prevent floods, China is building “sponge cities”

After decades of ill-planned growth, urban areas are being retrofitted to prevent disasters Read more on

COP26 climate pact: kicking the can down the road, with help from China

The COP26 climate summit in Glasgow was supposed to be a breakthrough in climate diplomacy. In the event, it was a step in the right direction, but only a tiny one. The resulting agreement among go… Read more on

China’s key industries could hit peak coal use by 2024 – govt researcher

China’s major coal consuming industries, including power, steel, cement and coal chemical production, could hit peak use of the dirty fossil fuel around 2024, a government researcher said on Wednesday. Read more on

EU and US face hard road to confront China’s dirty steel

Action against China is a cornerstone of a transatlantic trade truce, but the plans are still fuzzy. Read more on

Brussels bosses slammed for ‘kowtowing’ to China and India at COP26

BRUSSELS bosses were blasted for “kowtowing” to China and India at COP26 without putting up a proper fight. Amid growing disappointment at a last-minute climb-down over coal at the climate summit, … Read more on

China and the US at COP26 Reach Sudden ‘Agreement’ on CO2 Reduction – Vision Times

China and the U.S. pledged in a joint statement at the COP26 climate conference to ‘Enhance’ Climate Ambition and reduce greenhouse gasses which sounds like made of thin air. Read more on

China’s monthly coal output rises to highest since March 2015

China’s October coal output rose to the highest since at least March 2015, after Beijing approved a raft of coal mine expansions to tame record prices and boost supply. Read more on

This month

COP26: Critics say promises are empty

The climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, is ending in disappointment and more criticism. Read more on

‘Still the World’s Greatest Polluter’: Gregory Copley on China Missing the COP26 Climate Summit

In this special episode, we sat down with Gregory Copley, president at the International Strategic Studies Association. He touches … Read more on

Alok Sharma says China and India will have to ‘justify’ Cop26 scheming

The Cabinet minister rounded on the Asian nations after the Glasgow summit last night agreed a watered-down deal on climate change following their last-gasp intervention. Read more on

NE China Experiences Heaviest Snowfall in a Century, Residents Worry About Continuing Power Outages – Vision Times

Parts of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces, as well as the Inner Mongolia in China’s northeast have been hit by the heaviest snowfall in 116 years. Read more on

John Kerry evades question about China’s forced labor at UN Climate Change summit

U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry hedged about human rights abuse issues in China. The Communist regime demanded other nations sacrifice that and other sensitive issues to gain its cooperation in protecting the environment. Read more on

U.S.-China Surprise Cooperation on Climate Change Driven by Biden and Xi’s Need for Deal

The announcement that the U.S. and China would cooperate on accelerating a transition to cleaner energy came after both President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping encouraged their delegates to find common ground. Read more on

COP26 Is Silent on Human Rights in China

Environmental activists are afraid of angering Beijing.