China’s Big Climate Pledge At Davos Sounds Promising, But Experts Are Skeptical

China announced at Davos 2022 that it will plant and conserve 70 billion trees by 2030 to fight climate change. But experts are skeptical. Read more on

This week

China Triples Solar Investments as Clean Energy Push Accelerates

Spending on the installation of panels is rising quickly as the nation aims to grow the world’s largest renewable energy fleet. Read more on

Last week

U.S., Japan, Australia, and India to launch tracking system to monitor illegal fishing by China- FT

U.S., Japan, Australia, and India will unveil a maritime initiative at the Quad summit in Tokyo to curb illegal fishing in the Indo-Pacific, the Financial Times reported on Saturday, citing a U.S. official. Read more on

This month

China Is 3D Printing a Massive 590-Foot-Tall Dam … All Without Humans

This could be damn impressive if they pull it off. Read more on

Beijing imposes new transit restrictions in bid to contain COVID

As Omicron spreads, officials in China’s capital city are trying to avoid the kind of mass lockdown seen in Shanghai. Read more on

Shanghai lockdown: The hard life of a homeless deliveryman

Many riders face a lack of shelter and safety while delivering supplies in a locked down city. Read more on

Fast fashion’s carbon footprint is too big to ignore

Of the tens of thousands of new designs added to Shein’s website last October, there was one that stood out. The Chinese fast-fashion phenomenon uploaded pictur Read more on

China is building more than half of the world’s new coal power plants

China accounted for 52 per cent of the 176 gigawatts of coal capacity under construction in 20 countries last year, according to the Global Energy Monitor Read more on

Beijing’s Influence Group Seeks Partnership With US Agricultural Officials, After Teaming Up With Bill Gates for Years

A number of U.S. government officials recently took part in an virtual agriculture event co-hosted by a Beijing-backed … Read more on

Hongkongers take to the land to cultivate a sense of identity, as political expression withers

Sporting a face mask-induced sunburn and with a towel around her neck, Kelly Lau hacks away at the soil with a mattock. Kelly Lau digs a ditch at AuLaw Organic Farm in Pat Heung, Yuen Long. Photo: … Read more on

Hong Kong: Loads of plastic waste generated by quarantine hotels

Hong Kong’s strict COVID-19 quarantine policies have called public attention as it seems they are damaging the environment, the economy, and the people’s mental health, as Reuters reported. Read more on

Clean energy’s dirty secret: Pond filled with toxic material in northern China is by-product of rare earth processing

A tailings pond lies on the west of the Chinese city Baotou, one filled with a black grey sludge of toxic and radioactive material. Read more on

China Covid: Clashes in Shanghai over lockdown evictions

Residents have been forced from their homes as apartments are turned into quarantine centres. Read more on

Why Shanghai has done a U-turn on its ‘relaxed’ Covid approach

Shanghai is under strict lockdown, in contrast to the relatively relaxed approach it previously took to the pandemic. Read more on

Shanghai tweaks lockdown rules amid COVID-19 surge

City will be divided into three tiers depending on recent cases amid rising anger over shortages of food, necessities. Read more on