China is building a 2nd base for nuclear missiles, say analysts

Researchers in the US say China is carrying out ‘the most significant expansion of the Chinese nuclear arsenal ever’. Read more on

Authorities Destroy River Dikes Amid Floods

Chinese authorities send excavators to destroy a riverbank in Henan Province. Read more on

Highly Digitized Lifestyles Adds to Flood Woes in China

Residents of flood-ravaged Henan Province in China have had their digital-orientated lifestyles disrupted by widespread power outages. Read more on

This week

As China Boomed, It Didn’t Take Climate Change Into Account. Now It Must.

China’s breathtaking economic growth created cities ill-equipped to face extreme weather. Last week’s dramatic floods showed that much will have to change. Read more on

China Avoids Coal Projects in Belt and Road for First Time

China didn’t finance any coal projects via its Belt and Road Initiative in the first half, the first time that’s happened since the plan was launched in 2013, the International Institute of Green Finance said in a report. Read more on

Typhoon In-fa Slams Into Eastern China, Bringing Heavy Rain, Grounding All Flights and Complicating Rescue Efforts – Vision Times

Typhoon In-fa — the third typhoon of the 2021 Pacific typhoon season — is scouring China’s east coast, having arrived just south of Shanghai on Sunday, July 25. The hurricane has caused local authorities to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people and forced local airports to ground all flights in and out of the region. Read more on

Replacing fossil fuel powered vehicles will create ‘dependence with China and collapse’ warn experts

In the face of great pressure from environmental groups, the automotive market is racing towards electric energy sources. However, recent research shows phasing-out fossil fuels too quickly can lead to several problems. Read more on

Giant 300ft sandstorm swallows Chinese city

A giant sandstorm reaching over 300ft has swept through a Chinese city, reducing visibility to less than 20ft in parts.Videos shared on social media showed a tidal wave of sand hitting Dunhuang in Read more on

China’s Henan province reels after deadly flooding | Pictures | Reuters

Pig farmer Cheng, 47, wades through floodwaters past pig carcasses next to a farmland following heavy rainfall in Wangfan village of Xinxiang, Henan province, China July 25, 2021. REUTERS/Aly Song Read more on

What can we do? Chinese discuss role of climate crisis in deadly floods

Media and citizens have begun asking if China has properly prepared for climate emergency Read more on

Shanghai Mega-Ports Shuttered as Typhoon In-Fa Slams East China

Typhoon In-Fa, the powerful storm battering regions around Shanghai, has forced some of the world’s biggest shipping ports to halt operations until at least Tuesday. Read more on

Foreign journalists harassed in China over floods coverage

Reporters confronted in street and accused of ‘smearing China’ amid increasing sensitivity to any negative portrayals of China Read more on

Typhoon dumps rain on Shanghai, leaves roads waterlogged

A typhoon is blowing heavy rain across Shanghai, leaving roads waterlogged and felling signs Read more on

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China sees Pittsburgh as role model for industrial transformation

But for China’s rust-belt region to become a destination for advanced manufacturing, some analysts say it must rely on American technology – a difficult task amid strained bilateral tensions. Read more on

Mother Looks for Missing Daughter as Death Toll for China Floods in Question

It has been four agonizing days for Lu’s mother, whose 18-year-old daughter is now missing after devastating floods swept through central China’s Henan Province. Read more on