Harvard moves language school from Beijing to Taipei

Harvard University is moving its Chinese-language programme from Beijing to Taipei, with its director citing a “perceived lack of friendliness from the host ins Read more on

Virginia mom who survived Maoist China says DOJ, school board association use ‘communist tactics’

Northern Virginia parents spoke out after the Biden administration announced it was forming a task force regarding what it called increased violence against school officials. Read more on

This week

All Hong Kong schools must display Chinese national flag, hold weekly flag-raising ceremonies from next year

Hong Kong’s own flag will be flown alongside the national flag if schools have enough poles, according to new regulations. Read more on

Last week

Power outages hit China – but what impact will this have on the UK?

CHINA’S energy crunch is beginning to ripple around the globe impacting several nations, supply chains and economies – but why exactly do power outages in Beijing impact the UK and how will it affect the country? Read more on

Beijing Rebranded Confucius Institutes in Response to Rising International Criticism: Report

Around the world, the Chinese regime has partnered with universities and academic institutions to install language centers known as Confucius Institutes (CIs). Read more on

A Black-Market Tutoring Industry has Sprung up in China Following Education Reforms by Beijing – Vision Times

In China, finding some extra math help for your grade-schooler has never been more difficult than it is now and the lengths some people are going to in an attempt to give their child an edge in school is bordering on the bizarre. Read more on

This month

China will BAN video games that feature gay relationships

In a leaked memo, Beijing has said it no longer sees games as ‘entertainment’, but instead as a form of art that must promote what it considers ‘correct values’. Read more on

Top Tories want UK universities to register China connections

Senior Conservatives have called on ministers to set up a “Domesday book” tracking Chinese influence on Britain’s universities and research institutions. Read more on

China urges cartoon producers to resist ‘unhealthy’ content

China’s broadcasting regulator said it will encourage online producers to create “healthy” cartoons and clamp down violent, vulgar or pornographic content, as Beijing steps up efforts to bring its thriving entertainment industry to heel. Read more on

Material for Students Cannot “Propagate Religious Teachings”

The “Administrative Measures for Off-campus Training Materials” confirm that the crackdown on private tutoring is about ideology, not money only. Read more on

Students Around the World Desperate to Finish Studies in China

China’s zero-tolerance policy has been very effective in keeping its virus numbers low, but some experts have begun questioning its long-term viability, economic and otherwise. Its stringent regulations have shut down several ports in southern China this year, causing disruptions in supply chains, not to mention the tolls its closed borders could take on diplomatic and cultural exchanges. Read more on

University lobbies wants to pull ‘unethical’ artificial intelligence study

Technical facial recognition research should be retracted for ethical reasons, a higher education provider said. Read more on

Online lectures using Alibaba ‘a risk to students’

British universities are endangering Chinese students by streaming lessons using an internet provider with links to the Communist Party, British academics have Read more on

China concern sees alarms raised over Confucius Institutes in Scotland ‘powerful weapon’

SCOTLAND has been warned to be cautious of the role of the Chinese state to spread influence through the Confucius Institutes. Read more on

‘Xiconomics’ Is a Myth, but It Allows Xi Jinping to Further Consolidate Power

During China’s Cultural Revolution, it was mandatory for citizens to not only read the “Little Red Book” of Mao Zedong, but to carry it with them at all times. Similarly, “Xi Jinping Thought” on socialism with Chinese characteristics is now mandatory for all elementary and secondary school students. Read more on