Chinese city pays families to have more children

Couples are being offered cash to encourage them to have larger families by the authorities in one Chinese city as the country reverses population control policies that have led to a prolonged decline Read more on


Evergrande’s tumultuous week renews fears of liquidity crisis

Concerns mount over hugely indebted Chinese developer after credit downgrade and cancelled dividend Read more on

In its latest crackdown, China intensifies focus on real estate

Rising real estate prices have worsened income inequality and the government crackdown aims at avoiding social unrest. Read more on

Expert: Tech Fallout a Big Problem in China

It seems the sell-off in Chinese stocks is spilling over into Chinese bonds and even the Chinese yuan. Read more on

China’s Hunger for Iron Continues to Underpin Australia’s Economy

This means that in spite of the bank-busting price tag, China consumption of the mineral has continued almost unabatedly since March, feeding Australia’s economic lifeblood amid global turmoil caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. Read more on

This week

Xi Jinping’s stock market populism

China’s Communist Party can’t rule a country in which half the population orders food from restaurants and the other half delivers it. And it can’t keep its credibility unless Chinese families see … Read more on

China issues mandate for food delivery riders to have minimum wages | ZDNet

The order to provide Chinese food delivery workers with access to minimum wages comes as part of a larger recent effort by Beijing to rein in local tech companies. Read more on

Noam Chomsky Warns China Is Gaining a ‘Near Monopoly’ Over Rare Earth Metals

Noam Chomsky believes China could be amassing most of the world’s rare earth materials and could pressure other countries with a near monopoly. Read more on

The Difficulty of Sino-American Economic Disentanglement

Disentanglement may hurt China more than the United States, but that doesn’t mean the U.S. would benefit.  Read more on

Expert Shares Analysis on Hong Kong’s Economic Data after US Warning on Business Risks

After the U.S. State Department on July 16 issued a warning for multinational companies in Hong Kong, reminding firms that the current situation in Hong Kong will likely negatively affect their operations, a Hong Kong economist and financial columnist said that even if the notice was not issued, most companies would have already made preparations. Read more on

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‘China Runs the Show’: Milton Ezrati on the Risks of Doing Business With a Communist Regime

In this special episode, we sat down with Milton Ezrati, chief economist at Vested, and Steven Shaerer, China policy expert and author of “Surviving Chinese Communist Detention.” Read more on

Xi Jinping fears regime collapse as Communist Party concerned by ‘unsettled’ population

XI JINPING fears the collapse of China’s Communist regime as the CCP leadership is confronted with an emerging middle-class. Read more on

What the U.S. Can Learn From China’s Industrial Policy Mistake and Successes

China’s attempts to support specific industries have been a mixed bag and when they succeed it often isn’t for the reasons many observers, both critics and supporters, tend to think. Read more on

Container crisis hits

Freight costs are rocketingAs if the pandemic was not already causing enough economic pain, many businesses are grappling with an extra headache: soaring freight costs. Covid disruption and huge Read more on

China’s growth could slow to 5.5% or even lower the next few years: ANZ

China’s economic slowdown is structural, says ANZ’s Richard Yetsenga. And tightening in market liquidity could present headwinds for emerging markets which are mostly facing Covid resurgence Read more on