Chinese Block Printing – A Dying Art – Vision Times

The advent of block printing facilitated communication and advanced literacy by leaps and bounds. Read more on

Produce Pandas: The plus-size musicians making waves in China

As stars are criticised for being image-obsessed, more relatable celebrities have become popular. Read more on


Replacing God and Buddha: China’s Hundred Year Battle Against Buddhism

Jiang Zemin, former Party Secretary, once told Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members to help religious people “break free from the shackles of religion.” By bringing that religion under strict state control, along with the operating terms set for Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Christianity—these are also five religions accepted and are still “under strict control.” Read more on

This week

CCP: Comics from Korea Should Avoid Promoting “Separatism” or Religion

China enacts guidelines stating that popular Korean manhwa will be banned if they criticize the Communist Party or support “illegal” religion. Read more on

Artists and craftsmen try to preserve the sounds of old Beijing

A new museum in the city keeps some of them alive Read more on

Last week

Chinese regime marks its 72nd anniversary with anti-US war film

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched a film with anti-US sentiment during the National Day vacation, touting its totalitarian leadership. Read more on

Chinese Regime Promotes War Film With Anti-US Sentiment on Anniversary of Its Rule

Beijing sought to promote a patriotism-filled film during the past national holiday break—with anti-U.S. sentiment while praising the ruling Communist Party. Read more on

‘Harmful’ Chinese character to be removed from David Walliams book

‘Brian Wong, Who Was Never, Ever Wrong’ had been condemned for its depiction of a Chinese schoolchild Read more on

China’s anti-US war epic grosses $203m in opening weekend

The world’s highest-grossing film does not involve James Bond or a Marvel superhero but is a tub-thumping Chinese war epic that revels in a rare victory over A Read more on

The Taiping Mystery. 5. Why the Taiping Matter

Without the Taiping Rebellion, the subsequent history of China would have been different. It also explains features of the CCP policy on religion. Read more on

Artist Says Shen Yun Has Provided Inspiration for Her Painting

SEATTLE —Melissa Von Ruden, a painter and former dancer, said she was inspired by “top-level”Shen Yun Performing Arts as it dazzled audience members at the Marion Oliver McGaw Hall in Seattle. Read more on

The husband-and-wife duo redefining cultural architecture in China

Amid a museum boom, Open Architecture’s understated theaters and galleries offer a welcome dose of subtlety in a country with skylines often blighted by bold statements. Read more on

This month

The Taiping Mystery. 4. Nanjing’s Heavenly Kingdom

From 1853 to 1864, the New Jerusalem was the capital of a real empire that some believed would take over all of China. It didn’t happen. Read more on

China: New rules mean youngsters in China can now only game online for three hours a week

The video gaming rules are part of the Chinese Communist Party’s new plan to re-assert its values over society after 20 years of perceived hedonism in the country. Read more on

China to ban video games with ‘effeminate males’ in crackdown on freedoms

CHINA will ban video games that include “effeminate males” and gay relationships in the latest crackdown on freedoms, it has been reported. A leaked memo revealed Beijing no longer view… Read more on