In China, Employees Who Allegedly Breach COVID-19 Rules Get Jail – Vision Times

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the Chinese regime has taken strict action against people who breach containment rules. Recently, Beijing detained Read more on

Beijing city boss tells officials to beware of objects spreading Covid

China remains committed to the theory that food and mail can spread the virus, despite widespread scepticism in other parts of the world. Read more on

Hong Kong to Kill 2,000 Pets as Chinese Authorities Blame COVID-19 Spread on Imported Animals, Packages

Hong Kong officials are killing hamsters by the thousands after declaring the rodents responsible for spreading COVID-19. Meanwhile, … Read more on

GUNTER: China’s latest wild accusation about Canada

The Chinese government claims the Omicron variant of COVID reached their country via a parcel or letter mailed from Canada. Read more on

Beijing blames Omicron outbreak on parcels from Canada

Health officials in China have advised people against receiving mail from abroad and stepped up disinfection efforts against Covid-19 after claiming that a letter from Canada was responsible for bringing the Omicron variant to Beijing. Read more on

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Chinese Authorities Announce New Travel Restrictions Ahead of Winter Olympics, US Citizens Barred From Leaving – Vision Times

Chinese authorities are taking urgent action to contain and prevent new outbreaks just weeks ahead of the Winter Olympics and Lunar New Year’s peak travel Read more on

Congress Distributes ‘Made in China’ Masks

A Chinese spy and a British premier minister were seen together at whispering distance. Photos are now driving backlash over just how much the Chinese Communist Party’s influence is cozying up to the West. Read more on

‘Extremely low’ risk of infection from handling mail, Health Canada says

Canadian authorities respond to Beijing CDC’s claim that a contaminated letter from Toronto could be the source of an Omicron case in the Chinese capital. Read more on

Gordon Chang: Omicron’s Threat to Athletes in Beijing; UK Chinese Agent Buying Influence

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are nearing. Governments are concerned about the safety of their athletes. Journalists are told to leave phones behind. Can athletes compete without being watched by China? I spoke with Gordon Chang, a prominent China expert, on this matter. Read more on

Hong Kong police charge two former aircrew over Covid rules

If convicted, the two former flight attendants could face up to six months in prison. Read more on

China’s Manipulation Of Covid Data: The Two Smoking Guns™

Official Chinese figures expose two “smoking guns” showing that Covid data is being concealed. The mortality figures are much higher. Zero-Covid is a fiction. Read more on

The left politicized COVID from the start

From the moment COVID-19 appeared, the pandemic became inseparable from politics. Political frenzy was inevitable since the SARS-CoV-2 virus may have escaped from a level-4-security virology lab in… Read more on

China floods French market with anti-Covid products after provoking global shortage

Anti-Covid face masks are omnipresent in French supermarkets. Like self-tests, thermometers and hand gels, they are predominantly produced in China. RFI takes a closer look at how Beijing has turned… Read more on

Fauci will be grilled if Republicans control House after 2022 election says GOP Rep. Jordan

An infectious diseases expert and the president’s chief medical advisor will be investigated if the GOP regains control of the U.S. House, a Trump ally said. Read more on

Omicron Reaches Beijing, Deepening Uncertainty for Winter Olympics

The fast-spreading Omicron variant has hit China’s capital Beijing amid emerging COVID-19 clusters across the country, raising pressure on the regime to keep the virus at bay just three weeks before the city is due to stage the Olympic games. Read more on