New CCP Virus Case in Inner Mongolia

A local CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus case has been confirmed in Inner Mongolia, China. Read more on


WHO says new team could be ‘last chance’ to find COVID-19 origins

UN health agency says new task force ‘is our best chance’ to try to understand the origins of the coronavirus. Read more on

This week

China’s refusal to work with outside investigators is fresh proof of its guilt in COVID’s origins

China is blocking yet another World Health Organization investigation into COVID-19’s origins, more evidence that Beijing played some role in the origins of a pandemic that’s killed 4.5 million. Of… Read more on

China to test thousands of Wuhan blood samples in Covid-19 probe

China is preparing to test tens of thousands of blood bank samples from the city of Wuhan as part of a probe into the origins of Covid-19, according to a Chinese official. The move comes amid increasing calls for transparency over the emergence of the virus. Read more on

China Expert Warns of CCP Virus ‘Half-Truths’

A British author, journalist, and China expert has written his latest book on Wuhan and the evidence around COVID-19. Jasper Becker has been writing about Asia for three decades and spent 18 years reporting from Beijing. NTD finds out why he says the Chinese regime is not a reliable source of information about the pandemic. Read more on

China DENIES WHO access to bat caves as part of Covid-19 investigation

Scientists want to visit a series of caves and wildlife farming areas in the Enshi prefecture of Hubei province – six hours west of the city where Covid-19 was first reported. Read more on

China Braces for Possible Large-Scale COVID-19 Outbreak: Leaked CCP Documents

The Chinese regime has notified local authorities to prepare for a large-scale outbreak of COVID-19, according to leaked … Read more on

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Covid ‘began with Chinese miners in bat-infested caves almost 10 years ago’

The Mojiang Miners Passage theory holds that SARS-CoV-2 derives from tissue samples taken from miners who fell sick working in a bat-infested cave in 2012 Read more on

Covid-19 vaccines: Has China made more than other countries combined?

China says it’s provided more than half of all vaccines administered around the world so far. Read more on

Covid ‘evolved inside lungs of Chinese miner before escaping Wuhan lab’

COVID had evolved inside the lungs of Chinese miners nine years before escaping Wuhan, a top US expert has claimed. Dr Jonathan Latham, the executive director of the US Bioscience Resource Project … Read more on

Surge in Procurement of PCR Tests Months Before Official Declaration of COVID-19 Suggests Early Outbreak in China – Vision Times

According to Beijing, the first symptomatic case of COVID-19 was recorded on Dec. 8, 2019. Some experts have raised the possibility that the virus may have been in circulation much earlier. A cybersecurity company based in Australia recently released a report that lends credence to this theory. Read more on

Analysis: Hong Kong prioritized opening to China over the rest of the world. Now it’s stuck in Covid limbo

Almost two years into the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the world’s major business hubs — including New York, London and Paris — are reopening as travel restrictions relax and daily life resumes. Read more on

Stuck in China, consumers are spending millions for luxury goods in Hainan

Chinese consumers opened their wallets to shop during the week-long National Day holiday that ended Thursday, even as travel numbers fell. Read more on

Joe Biden could solve the mystery of COVID’s origins but he won’t

Why, oh, why is President Joe Biden reluctant to get to the bottom of COVID’s origins, despite once vowing “the world deserves answers, and I will not rest until we get them?” Read more on

Other countries are giving up ‘Covid zero’. China wants to wait and see

Chinese CDC chief Gao Fu says new strategy is being discussed and ‘everything is dynamic’ but it’s too soon to view the disease as endemic. Read more on