Nobel Prize winners accuse China of ‘bullying’ over bid to block summit speakers

US National Academy of Sciences confirms Chinese embassy in US asked it to ban the Tibetan spiritual leader and scientist Lee Yuan-tseh from Nobel Prize Summit. Read more on


BBC calls on China to stop attacks on journalists following harassment in Henan

Angry crowd harangued reporters from Europe and the US after being encouraged by Communist Party group Read more on

Foreign Journalists in China Harassed Over Zhengzhou Flood Coverage

Foreign journalists covering the aftermath of flooding in central China’s Henan Province have been harassed by angry groups who’ve been encouraged by the communist authorities. Read more on

This week

Foreign journalists harassed in China over floods coverage

Reporters confronted in street and accused of ‘smearing China’ amid increasing sensitivity to any negative portrayals of China Read more on

Last week

Academics in Hong Kong suffer curbs on their freedoms

A climate of fear has enveloped the city’s campuses | China Read more on

Hong Kong police arrest five over three books with ‘treacherous’ tales

The children’s books featured sheep trying to hold back wolves from their village, and reportedly make reference to events in Hong Kong since the mass protests broke out in 2019. Read more on

Kodak knocked after deleting post featuring abuses against Uighurs: ‘Global Times gloating about it’

Kodak released a statement on Tuesday apologizing for content it posted on Instagram from French photographer Patrick Wack that highlighted the mass detentions of the Uighurs in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region after backlash from Beijing supporters. Read more on

Hong Kong gov’t and lawmakers back ‘fake news’ law plan; press union chief warns of new ‘sword over journalists’ heads’

“Certain people and groups are still trying to use the loopholes to flood the internet with disinformation against the government,” claimed pro-Beijing lawmaker Elizabeth Quat. Read more on

Kodak deletes Xinjiang photo from Instagram, vows to ‘respect Chinese gov’t’

Kodak promised to “continue to respect the Chinese government” and “keep itself in check” following the “misunderstanding” over Xinjiang. Read more on

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Hong Kong Book Fair: Two local publishers keep titles on sale despite security law complaints

Two Hong Kong publishers – who received complaints of suspected national security violations – have decided to keep selling the titles in question at the city’s annual book fair i… Read more on

TikTok censors video of Cuban communist regime’s repression

TikTok users denounced the social network for banning a video of people protesting against Cuba’s communist government. Read more on

No cults, no politics, no ghouls: how China censors the video game world

The long read: China’s video game market is the world’s biggest. International developers want in on it – but its rules on what is acceptable are growing increasingly harsh. Is it worth the compromise? Read more on

India’s internet law adds to fears over online speech, privacy

Law puts digital platforms under direct government oversight, but critics worry it may lead to outright censorship. Read more on

China tightens control over cybersecurity in data crackdown

Tech experts in China who find a weakness in computer security would be required to tell the government and couldn’t sell that knowledge under rules tightening the Communist Party’s control over information Read more on

Chinese Professor ‘Disappeared’ From Social Media as His Talks of Organ Theft Surfaced Online

A Chinese criminal law professor’s social media account was recently scrubbed. Coincidentally, a video of him speaking about the phenomenon of organ theft in the country surfaced on the internet. Read more on