Reporting on China’s poverty is forbidden: Foreign journalist attacked

The official WeChat account of China’s Bijie City Party Committee’s Propaganda Department recently published an article reporting that local officials were praised for reporting important national security-related information. Read more on

This week

China moves to ban news publishers not funded by the Communist Party

The draft law would ban all private investment in any company involved in ‘news gathering, editing and broadcasting’ within China – including online outlets that were largely exempt from previous bans. Read more on

China to outlaw all news outlets not funded by Communist Party

Free speech fears over draft law that states privately funded organisations ‘shall not engage in news-gathering, editing, and broadcasting’ Read more on

China’s cameras face fresh scrutiny in Europe

Hikvision was already facing scrutiny over its data practices when it acknowledged a vulnerability in its surveillance cameras. Read more on

China, All Information Should Be Produced and Distributed by the State

Private companies will be prohibited from publishing or broadcasting news about politics, culture, sport, and pretty much everything else. Read more on

Last week

Hong Kong Media Outlet Ordered to Support Beijing’s Interests Under New Guidelines – Vision Times

In what is seen as a move to further undermine editorial independence in Hong Kong, the Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) was instructed by the government to prioritize national security as well as the interests of the Chinese regime. The document outlining the new rules was handed over to RHTK’s staff on Sept. 29. Read more on

Chinese regime marks its 72nd anniversary with anti-US war film

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched a film with anti-US sentiment during the National Day vacation, touting its totalitarian leadership. Read more on

CIA Announces New Task Force to Address Growing Threats from Chinese Regime

To address the threats posed by China, the CIA announced the launch of a new mission center, as it said the Chinese regime represents “the most significant geopolitical threat” to the United States. Read more on

Hong Kong Policy Address: Leader Carrie Lam urged to criminalise insults to police; gov’t studying scope of law

The chief executive pledged to speed up the preparatory work for the potential law, adding the government may report their progress to the upcoming legislative term. Read more on

China Leaps Ahead in Effort to Rein In Algorithms

A sweeping new plan to restrain the algorithms that power tech platforms has thrust China to the forefront of a growing movement to curb the influence of giant internet companies. Read more on

‘Covert, Corrupt, and Coercive’: Report Details Beijing’s Bid to Establish New Global Media Order

The Chinese regime has been deploying “covert, corrupt and coercive” means to weaponize Chinese-language and Western media in a campaign to impose its vision of current affairs on the rest of the world, a recent French military think tank report finds. Read more on

This month

China to ban video games with ‘effeminate males’ in crackdown on freedoms

CHINA will ban video games that include “effeminate males” and gay relationships in the latest crackdown on freedoms, it has been reported. A leaked memo revealed Beijing no longer view… Read more on

Hong Kong journalists seek new ways to work effectively amid a government crackdown

Once a bastion of press freedom, the territory is now seeing newspapers closed and reporters facing arrest under new security laws Read more on

LinkedIn censors Axios journalist for her reports critical of China’s communist regime

The firm LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, censored the profile of American journalist Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian in China, inviting her to “update” her content to fit the requirements of the communist regime. It also offered “collaboration” for her profile to be approved by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Read more on

Missing whistleblower who exposed Covid cover-up appears after 18 months

A MISSING Chinese whistleblower who exposed the cover up of the Covid outbreak in Wuhan has reappeared after 18 months – but he “can’t talk” about what happened to him. Read more on