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Canadians now see China as a far greater threat than Russia or North Korea: Report

The majority of Canadians see China as the biggest threat, at 58 percent. This was followed by Russia at 18 percent, North Korea at 10 percent, and Syria at four percent. Read more on

This month

Opinion: CPP Investments must stop investing in companies benefiting from Uyghur persecution

Do Canadians want their financial futures built on the suffering of China’s persecuted Uyghur minority? Read more on

Canada judge won’t allow Huawei CFO to use HSBC documents in U.S. extradition case

A Canadian judge has denied Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou’s application to add a trove of documents her legal team received from HSBC as evidence to her U.S. extradition case, the judge announced on Friday. Read more on

Historic Lytton, BC Wildfire Carnage Claims Additional Casualty: The Lytton Chinese History Museum – Vision Times

A massive wildfire during an unprecedented heat wave in the Canadian province of British Columbia resulted in multiple injuries and at least two fatalities. As it incinerated the primarily First Nations Village of Lytton, an additional casualty was claimed: the Lytton Chinese History Museum. Read more on

China crypto ban a ‘huge opportunity for Canada,’ mining group head says

IBC Group chairman and iMining CEO Khurram Shroff said China’s crackdown on Bitcoin and crypto mining is a temporary inconvenience. Read more on

Canada’s Hong Kong diaspora helps new arrivals with jobs, housing, psychotherapy

Hong Kongers in Canada are banding together to help the latest wave of immigrants fleeing Beijing’s tightening grip on their city. Read more on

World’s worst viruses sent Wuhan ‘leak lab’ by scientists who fled back to China

SOME of the world’s deadliest viruses were shipped to the Wuhan Institute of Virology from Canada by two rogue scientists with links to the Chinese military, it is reported. Read more on

RCMP investigating Winnipeg scientists fired from lab for possible transfer of intellectual property to China

The RCMP will probe whether materials that can be used to recreate vaccines or viruses were passed on to China by the two fired scientists without approval, source says Read more on

Chinese Scientist Who Shipped Deadly Pathogens to Wuhan Held 2 Patents

Commentary “The high-profile scientist who was fired from Canada’s top infectious disease lab collaborated with Chinese government scientists … Read more on

Canadian MPs, senators want Magnitsky audit of Hong Kong officials’ assets

A letter to Foreign Minister Marc Garneau lists 10 potential targets for sanctions, including Hong Kong’s chief executive, chief secretary, financial secretary and secretary for justice. Read more on

China and Canada trade barbs on human rights

Canada has marshalled more than 40 countries to demand China allow independent observers into Xinjiang, where it has detained a million Uighur Muslims, prompting Beijing to hit back over Canada’s Read more on

BMW, Mercedes Export Scheme to China Plagues Canadian Dealers – Vision Times

Canada’s long-running export scheme of BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche to China is connected to the Triad mafia and is a CCP United Front corruption operation. Read more on

China issues furious response after Canada condemns human rights record

Canada leads more than 40 countries in voicing concern over Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet, sparking clash at UN Read more on

Canada leads international coalition calling on China to allow investigators free access to Xinjiang | CBC News

Canada is leading an international effort at the United Nations to demand that China allow “meaningful and unfettered access” to investigate “credible reports” of widespread human rights violations against China’s Muslim minority in Xinjiang province, CBC News has learned. Read more on

After nixed X-ray machine deal, MPs call for banning Chinese state firms from security equipment contracts

The committee report calls on the government to put more weight on concerns such as national security when tendering contracts, instead of just going for the lowest bidder Read more on