Putin on Taiwan: China Doesn’t Need to Use Force

On Wednesday, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said China doesn’t need to use military force on Taiwan. Read more on

Hong Kong stocks gain in week as Geely, BYD, shine on robust EV sales

Local stocks are headed for another winning week as Geely Auto and BYD lead carmakers higher on robust EV sales. They overshadow concerns about China’s economic slowdown. Read more on

This week

CCP: Comics from Korea Should Avoid Promoting “Separatism” or Religion

China enacts guidelines stating that popular Korean manhwa will be banned if they criticize the Communist Party or support “illegal” religion. Read more on

India, US Navy Chiefs Meet in New Delhi

The U.S. and India are coming a step closer in countering the threat from the Chinese Communist Party. Read more on

China’s drill likely simulated landing on Taiwan | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

China’s state-run television has disclosed footage of the Chinese military conducting a drill recently in the eastern province of Fujian. Observers say the drill was apparently held with the supposition of landing on Taiwan. Read more on

Talks to avoid second winter of India-China border conflict end in acrimony

Troops of both nations will spend second winters in high-altitude border zone after deadly 2020 winters Read more on

US–Canadian Energy Enterprise Accuses China of Hijacking Major Project in Sri Lanka

An American–Canadian enterprise is claiming that corrupt actors within the Sri Lankan government fraudulently helped Chinese state affiliates … Read more on

New Japanese PM Kishida Has First Call With China’s Xi – Vision Times

On Oct. 8, Japan’s newly elected prime minister Fumio Kishida spoke with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. During the call, the two leaders agreed to strengthen ties between Japan and the People’s Republic, with Kishida emphasizing 2022 Read more on

India Says No Resolution Found in 13th Round of Military Talks With China Over Border

The 13th round of talks between India and China broke down again on Sunday as both countries continue tried to resolve the ongoing military standoff over the western section of the China–India border. Read more on

Uyghurs tortured and beaten to death in re-education camps in Xinjiang, former Chinese police officer reveals

A Chinese whistleblower exposes the brutal tactics used by police and guards at re-education centres in Xinjiang, saying “it’s normal that some people die”. Read more on

India, China Military Talks Collapse:

India, China 13th round military-level border talks collapse, New Delhi says “Chinese side wasn’t agreeable to constructive suggestions” Read more on

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How Does China’s Military View India?

The PLA views India’s growing military cooperation with the United States with some concern but generally does not consider India a major threat. Read more on

A Seawolf-Class Submarine Just Collided With a Mysterious Object

Washington’s primary rival in the Asia-Pacific region seized on reports of the Connecticut’s collision. Read more on

How much of your savings should you have in India?

With a population of 1.4 billion, a rising middle class and some of the fastest-growing companies in the world, India has long been touted as the next great pla Read more on

India woos chip-makers with Taiwan and Quad on its side, as it takes on China

But for the plan to work, India must first address its governance issues, chip-making inexperience and the costs involved to take on Chinese firms, analysts say. Read more on