About China Reviewed

Founded in 2020, China Reviewed is based in the UK and its mission is to report news on China and highlight trends in its relationship with the rest of the world. 

In the wake of the global Coronavirus pandemic, understanding China and gaining a more in-depth knowledge of Chinese news has become vital for the world community. We collect and evaluate news relating to China 24-hour hours a day, which can help our readers to quickly understand the overall picture of China’s foreign relations. 

What We Do

China Reviewed does not create news but evaluates and directs its readers to UK-national and international news outlets that do.  

We highlight stories of global significance. By so doing, we assist our readers to distinguish the news that matters most to them. China Reviewed also has a new bi-weekly newsletter along with special editions bringing our readers the latest events as they unfold.

We present the latest reports on China based on our principle of truthfulness and an unbiased approach to enable a clear understanding of today’s China. This allows our readers to form their own opinions.


China has the longest continuous history of any civilisation in the world today.  It is rich in culture and has a spiritual heritage that dates back more than 5,000 years.  In establishing itself as the world’s 2nd largest economy and a global manufacturing powerhouse, China has seen its sphere of influence grow around the world. Understanding significant events and the origins behind this growth has never been more important.