‘Pathetic and Disgraceful’: Lawmakers Blast Coca-Cola, Visa, Airbnb for Supporting Beijing ‘Genocide Olympics’

Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Procter & Gamble, and Visa—all U.S. sponsors of the 2022 Beijing Olympics—have proudly declared that they … Read more on

China ‘Does Not Deserve to Host’ 2022 Olympics: Rights Activist

As the 1-year-delayed Summer Olympics play out in Tokyo, Japan, a human rights activist called on the United … Read more on

Blinken meets with WHO director to reaffirm US support for second probe into Covid outbreak

Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with the director-general of the World Health Organization Wednesday and underscored US support for further WHO studies into the origins of Covid-19, including research in China, the State Department said. Read more on

Outspoken billionaire Sun Dawu jailed for 18 years in China

Sun Dawu has in the past been vocal in criticising authorities and has spoken out about human rights. Read more on

China poised to impose anti-sanctions law on Hong Kong

City’s multinationals face financial risk, caught in US-Beijing tug of war Read more on


Hong Kong police warnings of terrorist threat met with scepticism

Concerns of violent underground movement persist but analysts say incidents have been overplayed Read more on

BBC calls on China to stop attacks on journalists following harassment in Henan

Angry crowd harangued reporters from Europe and the US after being encouraged by Communist Party group Read more on

Businesses Need to Ensure Supply Chains Free From Chinese Goods: Former Prime Minister

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called on business leaders not to focus on short-term gains, but instead, work towards minimising Beijing’s influence on supply chains. Read more on

COVID-19 in China: Two Divinized Generals Mobilized for Help

A grassroot movement believes ancient military men Huo Qubing and Xin Qiji can prevent the pandemic’s return. The CCP has not decided yet how to react. Read more on

China is building a 2nd base for nuclear missiles, say analysts

Researchers in the US say China is carrying out ‘the most significant expansion of the Chinese nuclear arsenal ever’. Read more on

The Ancient Chinese Secret to Assessing Character – Vision Times

Ancient Chinese strategist Li Ke gave the Lord Wen of Wei nine things to look for in assessing character. Read more on

CCP exhibits ‘thuggish’ diplomacy at Biden admin’s first visit to China

Beijing officials seemingly behaved more like violent criminals at the Biden administration’s first official visit to mainland China. Read more on

Expert: Tech Fallout a Big Problem in China

It seems the sell-off in Chinese stocks is spilling over into Chinese bonds and even the Chinese yuan. Read more on

Ministers urged to review China’s nuclear role in UK

The government is facing fresh calls to review the involvement of China’s state nuclear group in the construction of the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant.Sir Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative Read more on

British aircraft carrier under China’s gaze as it enters disputed waters in South China Sea

The Carrier Strike Group is moving ‘lawfully’ and will not be ‘provocative’, the MoD said Read more on