Wave of defections of Chinese officials: ‘Every day someone goes missing’

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is currently dealing with a nightmare situation where the Chinese, from ordinary citizens to government officials, are fleeing the country. Read more on

Reporting on China’s poverty is forbidden: Foreign journalist attacked

The official WeChat account of China’s Bijie City Party Committee’s Propaganda Department recently published an article reporting that local officials were praised for reporting important national security-related information. Read more on

EXCLUSIVE China looks to lock in U.S. LNG as energy crunch raises concerns- sources

Major Chinese energy companies are in advanced talks with U.S. exporters to secure long-term liquefied natural gas (LNG)supplies, as soaring gas prices and domestic power shortages heighten concerns about the country’s fuel security, several sources said. Read more on

UN Human Rights Experts Call on Hong Kong Government to Repeal National Security Law

Four independent United Nations human rights experts are calling on the Hong Kong government to drop the Beijing-imposed national security law, saying the legislation is fundamentally incompatible with international norms. Read more on

US Officially Rejoins UN Human Rights Council 3 Years After Trump Pullout

The United States is returning to the United Nations Human Rights Council more than three years after Trump administration quit the 47-member body that it had branded a “protector of human rights abusers.” Read more on

Microsoft shuttering LinkedIn in China as rules tighten

Microsoft on Thursday said it will shut down career-oriented social network LinkedIn in China, citing a “challenging operating environment” as Beijing tightens its control over tech fir… Read more on

Sweden Should Press China to Release Swedish Book Publisher

This week marks the sixth anniversary since Chinese authorities abducted Gui Minhai, a Swedish book publisher, from his home in Thailand in 2015. Read more on


China resorts to sophisticated ‘three kinds of war’ to penetrate West

Beijing is using the “Three Wars” doctrine to easily penetrate Western countries. This includes psychological warfare, public opinion war, and legal war. Read more on

The Chinese regime has total control of media information

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), on Oct. 8, published a draft of the “Negative Market Access List,” which highlights the monopolization of information in the hands of the State. Read more on

China’s more aggressive because it sees a ‘softer’ leader in White House, says former director of national intelligence

Former director of the Office of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has become increasingly aggressive, especially with Taiwan, because it sees in the Biden administration a “softer” and “more cooperative” leader than Trump. Read more on

Replacing God and Buddha: China’s Hundred Year Battle Against Buddhism

Jiang Zemin, former Party Secretary, once told Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members to help religious people “break free from the shackles of religion.” By bringing that religion under strict state control, along with the operating terms set for Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Christianity—these are also five religions accepted and are still “under strict control.” Read more on

Xi Jinping’s True Intentions Behind the Redistribution of Wealth

In recent years, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has gradually tightened control over private capital. State-owned enterprises took over countless private businesses amid a wave of bankruptcies and in a bid to redistribute wealth. Read more on

China tests unmanned warships at secret base

China is testing larger, more capable drone warships for “high-end” combat at a secret base on the north-eastern coast, satellite images reveal (Michael Evans Read more on

China to kick off ‘next global conflict’ if Taiwan is lost to ‘tyranny’, says expert

CHINA is likely to start the “next global conflict” amid tensions in the South China Sea and over Taiwan, an expert has said, sparking World War Three fears. Read more on

Harvard moves language school from Beijing to Taipei

Harvard University is moving its Chinese-language programme from Beijing to Taipei, with its director citing a “perceived lack of friendliness from the host ins Read more on