Rare Ship-to-Ship Transfers Keep Oil Moving From Russia to China

A logistically risky and costly transfer of crude between tankers at sea highlights the steps at least one Chinese buyer is willing to take to ensure the smooth flow of oil from eastern Russia to Asia. Read more on

Newport Wafer Fab: Chinese buyout of UK’s biggest chip plant to be reviewed

The UK government says it will make a national security assessment of the sale of Newport Wafer Fab. Read more on

What Is the 20th Communist Party Congress? With Roger Garside

What is the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th national congress? And why is it important that Xi Jinping secure … Read more on

Soros: ‘Civilization May Not Survive’ War With China and Russia

Billionaire George Soros used his platform at Davos this week to repeat warnings that tensions with China and Russia could erupt into a third world war. Read more on

China central bank urges more lending to small firms amid COVID shocks

China’s central bank said on Thursday it would promote more credit for smaller firms and boost financial institutions’ confidence to lend funds, as policymakers struggle to get the COVID-stricken economy back on track. Read more on

China’s leader Xi speaks to UN human rights chief, as Xinjiang row rages

by Laurie Chen Chinese President Xi Jinping held a video call with UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet on Wednesday, as she visits Xinjiang during a mission overshadowed by fresh allegations of Uyghu… Read more on

Avalanche of hacked Xinjiang Police documents, images expose Chinese government abuse of Uyghurs

A leaked cache of thousands of photos and official documents, titled “The Xinjiang Police Files,” reveal new information surrounding China’s detainment of its Uyghur population. Read more on

The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework: What it is and why it matters

President Joe Biden formally introduced the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework this week, revealing Washington’s long-awaited Asia-Pacific economic strategy.  Read more on

China’s navy is expanding at a pace ‘never seen in history,’ says former Indian foreign secretary

Kanwal Sibal, former foreign secretary to the government of India, denies India is the most hawkish member and says the language of the Quad statement reflects Japan’s concerns. Read more on

Chinese takeover of UK’s largest microchip producer faces national security review

A review of the reported £63m deal had been demanded by MPs while a former National Cyber Security Centre chief had warned it posed a greater threat to British interests than Huawei’s involvement in the 5G network. Read more on

China’s yuan drops as Beijing warns its economic slowdown is worse in certain aspects than when the pandemic hit in 2020

“We will try to make sure the economy grows in the second quarter,” Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said. Read more on

Hong Kong Catholic diocese cancels Tiananmen memorial for first time, terrified of CCP reaction

The Archdiocese of Hong Kong has canceled its Tiananmen Square Massacre memorial for the first time ever. Read more on

‘Tell-tale sign of mass atrocity’ Chilling scale of Xi Jinping’s Uighur camps leaked

CHINA’s Uighur detention camps have been unmasked after a large cache of Chinese Communist Party files were leaked to the world. Read more on


The strange fear of Chinese society: No one helped him but a little girl

An 80-year-old Chinese man decided to write a thank you letter after being helped by a little girl while many other people passed by with indifference. He then raised attention to a prominent issue that affects Chinese society these days. Read more on

Arrival of 38th Army in Beijing raises concerns about a coup

Just some days before, a video posted on Twitter showed a troop of tanks and armored vehicles on Yufa bridge in Beijing. Read more on