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UN Human Rights Experts Call on Hong Kong Government to Repeal National Security Law
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UN human rights experts call on the Hong Kong government to repeal the national security law

      Four independent UN human rights experts called on the Hong Kong government to abandon Beijing’s national security law, saying that the legislation is fundamentally incompatible with international norms.
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      US Officially Rejoins UN Human Rights Council 3 Years After Trump Pullout

      Three years after Trump's withdrawal, the United States officially rejoined the UN Human Rights Council

      More than 3 years after the Trump administration withdrew from this 47-member institution, the United States will return to the UN Human Rights Council, which is known as the "protector of human rights abusers." US Ambassador to the United Nations in New York, Linda Thomas-Greenfield (Linda Thomas-Greenfield) stated that Washington will initially focus on “what we can achieve in desperately needed situations such as Afghanistan, Myanmar, China, Ethiopia, Syria and Yemen. "
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      National Republican Coalition Passes Resolution Against Forced Organ Harvesting – Vision Times

      National Consortium of the same kind passed opinions against compulsory organ harvesting – Vision Times

      The National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), a political organization dedicated to promoting conservative principles and candidates in the Republican Party, passed a resolution calling for an end to the Chinese Communist Party’s religious persecution and organ harvesting of prisoners, mainly Falun Gong practitioners, during its national convention in Scottsdale, Arizona, on October 9.
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      United Nations: China Denies Allegations Of Organ Harvesting

      United Nations: China refuses to take the organ's explanation

      In September 2021, the United Nations published an official response it received from the Chinese Government concerning the issue of organ harvesting. The response follows the June 2021 concerns expressed by a group of U.N. independent experts at allegations of organ harvesting carried out on minority groups including Falun Gong practitioners, Uyghurs, Tibetans, Muslims and Christians, in detention in China.
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      CIA Forms New Mission for Countering Communist China – Vision Times

      CIA establishes new spokesperson for anti-communism – Vision Times

      On October 7, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) may set up a "Korea Communism" mission brought by China. Director William J. Burns Carter, the threat from China comes from the government.
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      IMF Board Had ‘Full Confidence’ in Georgieva After Investigation Into China Data-Rigging Claims

      IMF Board Had ‘Full Confidence’ in Georgieva After Investigation Into China Data-Rigging Claims

      A report ( pdf) prepared by the external law firm WilmerHale at the request of the World Bank Ethics Committee involved Georgieva and then World Bank President Jin Yong, and focused on China's influence on the institution. China's ranking in the 2018 report, released in October 2017, should have been seven places lower, at 85th rather than remaining at 78th, the lender said in a review released in December 2020.
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      How Lithuania has caused the EU a major headache with China

      How Lithuania made the EU a headache for China

      Lithuania and China have been locked in a bitter row for several months with the rift escalating to such an extent that now the European Union is being called on to intervene. Lithuania's challenge to China has been twofold-the autonomy of Taiwan and China's withdrawal from the so-called 17+1 cooperation agreement.
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      French report reveals that the CCP uses Huawei to collect global data

      French report exposes China's use of Huawei to collect global data

      The Institute of Strategic Studies (IRSEM) of the French Military and Military Strategy Institute published a report entitled "Influential China (CCP)". The chief rapporteur’s report reviewed the relationship between Huawei and the CCP, as well as the CCP’s key ocean and ocean companies collecting large amounts of data around the world.
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      Sweden Should Press China to Release Swedish Book Publisher

      Sweden should urge China to publish Swedish book publishers

      This week marks the sixth anniversary since Chinese authorities abducted Gui Minhai, a Swedish book publisher, from his home in Thailand in 2015. After enduring a forced confession on state media and a sham trial, Gui was briefly freed in 2017, before being rearrested.
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      China tests unmanned warships at secret base

      China tests unmanned warships at secret bases

      China is testing larger, more capable drone warships for “high-end” combat at a secret base on the north-eastern coast, satellite images reveal (Michael Evans writes). The evidence that China is mixing its expanding fleet of aircraft carriers, destroyers and frigates with large “uncrewed surface vessels” (USVs) can be seen at a new pier near the city of Dalian in Liaoning province, in photos taken by Maxar, a US space technology company.
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      China slams Abbott warning it could ‘lash out disastrously’ over Taiwan as Xi vows reunification

      China slams Abbott warned that with the reunification of the rock and roll vows, it may carry out a "disastrous slam strike" on Taiwan.

      The former Brazilian princess, Tony Abbott, warned of China’s economic magic and the feeling that “relative to its power may peak”, what actions China might take.
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      US Forces Secretly Training Taiwan Military as Threat From Beijing Grows – Vision Times

      US Forces Secretly Training Taiwan Military as Threat From Beijing Grows

      According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), about two dozen members of the US special operations and support forces are training the Taiwanese army.
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      Xi on brink? Chinese leader vulnerable to coup amid ‘floundering’ CCP regime

      Xi on brink? Chinese leader vulnerable to coup amid 'floundering' CCP regime

      President Xi Jinping is distracting him from the domestic crisis through power grabbing and escalating rhetoric with Taiwan. Paul Munch, China’s leading policy expert, said that if people pay attention, they will see President Xi’s regime "struggling." Mr. Munch was the head of the Chinese department of the Australian Defence Intelligence Organization.
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      India, China Military Talks Collapse:

      India, China's military talks collapsed:

      The latest round of talks between Indian and Chinese military commanders over the standoff in Ladakh broke down on Sunday, the Indian Army said, adding that that the Chinese side was not "agreeable" and "could not provide any forward-looking proposals".
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